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Rediscovery: Vital C Serum from The Body Deli

The Body Deli's Vital C Serum is packed with antioxidants—including pomegranate.

I originally bought a bottle of Vital C Serum from The Body Deli to use as a dark circles-fading undereye cream. But about a week ago, I ran out of my usual facial oil (which I use in place of moisturizer), and didn’t have time to run out and buy a new one. So I started using the Vital C Serum as an all-over facial moisturizer, intending to pick up a new facial oil the next time I was out shopping.

But I’ve scratched “facial oil” off my shopping list, at least for now. You guys? I’m loving this stuff. And so is my skin.

Since it’s a serum, it sinks in quickly. But its slick texture means it glides on to my skin—and I only need about half a pump (about a nickel-sized amount)—to moisturize my whole face.

Lately I’ve been fighting off a cold (which is why posting has been light around here for the past week), and the skin around my nose has gotten a bit irritated from all of that sneezing and nose-blowing. But within days of using the Vital C Serum, my irritated skin started to clear up—it’s done a better job than my beloved facial oil!

Have you ever stumbled upon a new use for an old favorite product? I’d love to hear about it. —Aleigh

(Image via Desirae)

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