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Link Love Friday: Sadness


The sweetest dog I’ve ever known died yesterday: my parents’ golden retriever, Cooper. We’re all big dog people in my family, so we’re all pretty torn up about it. Cooper was a lucky dog, though! He got to live in some great places—Nebraska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Montana—and spent his twilight years on my parents’ farm. We are going to miss him.

If Cooper could have shared his beauty tips with you, I think this is what he’d say:

  • Kindness is always beautiful.
  • Healthy meals are always better when they’re shared. (Especially yours. And you should share it with him.)
  • Sleep is important.
  • A happy person is a beautiful person.
  • Mud is the best beauty ingredient out there.
  • Exercise keeps you happy, healthy, and looking your best.

Meanwhile, my favorite beauty blogs have shared lots of (more practical) beauty advice this week. Here’s what I’m reading+enjoying:

  • Ashley at Our Little Apartment wrote about how she’s refined her no ‘poo technique for changing seasons and her particular hair type. Have you tried this technique?
  • Alexandra wrote a great post about the Seven Beauty Mistakes of the Personal Care Industry. For the most part, I agree with her—except about the eye cream. I’m a girl with genetic, dark undereye circles, and you do not want to come between me and my eye cream. Period. Which mistakes do you agree or disagree with?
  • Jolene shared the details of gomasio, a condiment that I’m definitely going to try. What are your go-to beauty foods?


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12 Bad Beauty Habits to Break in 2012

Freshly cleaned brushes laid out to dry—took 10 minutes to clean them!

As 2012 approaches, we’re starting to think about the year ahead and our hopes for it—including the habits we want to give up. Here are 12 bad beauty habits to break next year.

  1. Sleeping with your makeup on. Even if you use natural or organic makeup, it’s best if you take off the makeup you’ve worn all day before your head hits the pillow. Sleeping in your makeup can cause breakouts, but it also means you’re not using any restorative and soothing nighttime treatments that can help your skin regenerate while you snooze.
  2. Not cleaning your makeup brushes. It helps them last longer, work better and gets rid of the oils they pick up from your skin, which contributes to breakouts. We shared two brush-cleaning techniques back in October—they’re both pretty quick!
  3. Washing your hair every day. Julie says if you’re washing your hair more than twice a week, you’re probably over-cleansing. She recommends wetting your hair and using just conditioner on the days between shampoos—just be sure to rinse well. (Her favorites: Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Shampoo and John Masters Lavender and Avocado Conditioner.)
  4. Not getting enough sleep. Don’t take your sleep for granted—without it, it’s harder for your body to function. And it’s while you sleep that your body has a chance to regenerate and repair your skin cells. Less sleep=faster aging.
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Maximize the benefits of beauty sleep

My latest Beauty roundup for Breathe magazine is out! In this issue, I gathered up a few great nighttime treatments, along with a tip on how to fake a good night’s sleep (which I will be putting to use this morning).

I’ve written about the importance of beauty sleep here on Indigo+Canary before—adding one (or more) of these products to your nighttime routine will give your body’s natural renewal processes a boost, while you snooze away.

Do you have a special routine at night to help your skin and hair stay healthy? —Aleigh

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3 reasons you need your beauty sleep

Sleeping Beauty may hold the record for beauty sleep, but even if you’re not thrilled with the idea of pricking your finger on a poisoned spindle and falling asleep until a handsome prince comes to your rescue, there’s no denying the importance of sleep in your beauty routine. (Isn’t it just as easy to set your alarm?)

When you sleep, your body does a lot more than simply rest. In fact, those hours you spend dozing are when your skin (your body’s largest organ) works to regenerate and repair your skin cells. A while ago, there was even a study that proved a lack of sleep can speed up the aging process.

Read on for three reasons why your beauty sleep is so important–and some ways you can boost your body’s hard work while you’re off in dreamland (or fake it until you can hit the sack).

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4 Ways to Ease into Fall

The transition to fall has begun (in related news: it was really hard to get up in the dark this morning!), and with it comes cooler weather, a change in schedules and darker evenings. It’s important to make small changes to your beauty routine this time of year, too, so I’ve pulled together some tips to help you ease your way into my favorite season of the year.

  • Get enough shuteye. Sleep is especially important when you’re adjusting to a new school (or work) routine, and first-day jitters can keep you from getting enough (or good enough) sleep. Warm baths (with some bath oil to help you relax), pillows spritzed with lavender (like Amala’s Aroma Apothecary Relax Lavender Concentrate), and making sure it’s as dark as possible when it’s time to go to bed (use a sleep mask if you need one) are all good ways to make sure you’re maximizing those all-important hours of sleep.
  • Realize your skin may change with the seasons. Weather and seasonal changes have a definite impact on your skin. If your skin, like mine, starts to get drier as temperatures drop, begin incorporating an extra moisturizing night cream into your nighttime routine (maybe once or twice a week to start) until you feel your skin needs the extra moisture every night. Likewise, some complexions get oilier when the seasons change–if your skin feels greasier or you have a breakout, try switching the products you use to reflect your changing complexion. (Stepping up on my soapbox for a moment to remind you that this is not the time to skimp on sun protection–it’s important year round.)

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