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Link Love Friday: Spring?

This week I’m really longing for spring. Punxsutawney Phil was wrong, wrong, wrong this year, at least in Charlotte, where it’s been much colder than usual for this time of year. (Although apparently, it’s not Phil’s fault…) Here are some links I’ve collected to help take your mind off this early spring chill. Enjoy! —Aleigh

5 Signs Your Hormones Are Out of Whack, from MindBodyGreen. (Hormones play a huge role in healthy skin, hair, and nails—and your overall health.)

5 Foods That Make Your Skin Glow. I’m thinking these five things could make for one potent beautifying salad.

I’m curious about Burt’s Bees new line of natural pet care products, which will be out next month.

A few of Organic Authority’s 6 Natural Fever Treatments sound a little crazy (garlic foot paste and egg white socks?!). Have you ever tried these?

GOOD partnered with Naked Juice to put together this great infographic about staying healthy in the workplace…and now I’m resolved to do more stretching at work.

(Image via Zitona, text added by me)

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Summer foods make for gorgeous skin

Summer is the best time of year for the farmers market—locally grown fresh tomatoes, berries, peppers, herbs and veggies are in season.

Those fresh fruits and vegetables don’t just taste great, though; they’re loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that work from the inside out to keep you looking (and feeling) healthy.

Plus, summertime goodies are great for your skin!

Berries. Sweet, juicy berries are nature’s superfoods. Chock-full of antioxidants, some berries have even been proven to elevate mood, enhance memory and cognition, and improve balance and coordination.
Try it: Redflower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum, $48 at

Cucumber. Use it for more than just slicing and placing on your eyelids—cucumber’s cooling effects make it a great skin soother.
Try it: Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel, $14.99

Citrus. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits are great for skin; they fight wrinkles, improve texture, and even clear your pores.
Try it: Green Apple Peel Full Strength, $45.

Herbs. Herbs keep your skin looking and feeling healthy—use them to combat acne or soothe irritated skin.
Try it: Trilogy Botanical Body Wash, $28.

Carrot. Carrots aren’t just good for eyesight; they have natural anti-inflammatory properties and revitalize and tone the skin.
Try it: Acure Organics Chamomile + Carrot Day Cream, $18.99 at


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