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I tried it: DIY cheek stain

DIY cheek stain
A while ago, I discovered this recipe for a DIY cheek stain from ReadyMade, and I thought, “I should make that!” Then I read the ingredient list. You guys, I hate beets. I really, really hate them. I hate them so much that the thought of purchasing a beet, then having to peel it and chop it and smell it…grossed me out.

However, I also happen to be a former Benefit junkie. I have very fond memories of their famous Benetint, and that little beet-y cheek stain looked a lot like it. (Oh the shopping spree I’d go on if Benefit made natural or organic versions of their products…)

Finally, I could no longer stand the thought of being reunited with a natural version of Benetint, so I went to Healthy Home Market, bought two (!) beets and some vegetable glycerine–and wow, do I love this stuff.

Read on for the recipe and more photos!

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