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Have You Tried Crystal Healing?

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Crystal healing is one of those things I’ve read about and have been curious about for ages, but I’ve never tried it for myself. (After all, I have a well-documented obsession with gemstones that just barely takes second place to my natural beauty habit…)

But after writing about crystal healing for the newly-revamped StyleSeat blog, I think I might need to try it. After all, it gives me an excuse to buy more crystals! Look out, labradorite, I’m coming for you.

Have you tried crystal healing? Why do you love it? Please share!

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Natural Beauty Q&A: Jovie of The Rex Apothecary


Meet Jovie Belisle. Here’s why she’s exactly as awesome as she looks: In addition to being the founder and crafter behind the herbal concoctions at Rex Apothecary, she’s also about to complete a two-year Holistic Health Practice program. To celebrate, she wants to do something even more awesome—she wants to travel the country in a 1978 Winnebago to prove to bring her natural products to the people! (While also offering a healthy dose of nutritional and herbal consulting alongside, natch.) I’m all about supporting my fellow natural believers, and I’m hoping she’ll make it from Portland (where she is) to Charlotte (where we are). But a little help would go a long way. She’s working to raise $2,200 by September 1 to take her show on the road. Check out her Indiegogo page or leave a comment on this post to cheer her on!

Read on for some insight into her natural beauty journey and why she thinks it would be a great idea to trek across the country with her dog and two cats in an elderly Winnebago. I love her beauty philosophy! So inspiring. —Aleigh

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Natural Beauty Q&A: Sara Davoodi of Athar’a

I’m thrilled to share a Natural Beauty Q&A with Sara Davoodi today. Not only is Sara lovely (she is not wearing any makeup in that photo on the left, by the way), she’s also a lovely person, and her products were my first introduction to Ayurvedic skincare. Her company, Athar’a, makes products that are natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Read on for Sara’s beauty philosophy, how Ayurveda influences her approach to skincare, and the two Athar’a products she recommends for newbies to Ayurveda and Athar’a products.

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Natural Beauty Q&A: Makeup Artist Sally Biondo

I’m so inspired by eco makeup artist and organic beauty expert Sally Biondo. The New York-based makeup pro is a leader in the natural beauty movement (just look at her gorgeous work!) and is committed to empowering others with honest information about the products they use. She’s enhanced the natural beauty of stars including Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Naomi Judd, and Lindsay Lohan.

Read on for Sally’s beauty philosophy, her must-have products, and the one bad beauty habit she encourages everyone to break!

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Natural Beauty Q&A: Karen Behnke of Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Founder Karen Behnke

When I started dabbling in natural cosmetics, this tinted moisturizer was one of the first products I tried—and it helped solidify my decision to go all-natural. Karen Behnke, the founder of Juice Beauty, is a long-time wellness entrepreneur. She had a brilliant idea: to create a line of products with organic juices as the base.

We chatted with Karen about her beauty philosophy and her path to natural beauty—read on for some juicy inspiration. —Aleigh

What drew you to organic cosmetics?
Health, wellness and fitness have always been my passion but once I was pregnant with my first child I really starting reading ingredient labels for the first time. I was shocked that everything that had been banned from our food was still in our beauty products. Given that the skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs almost 65 percent of what you put on it, realizing the benefits of organic beauty ingredients was a no brainer!

Your beauty philosophy: Organic, healthy, and fit living! When you’re treating your whole body right (eating properly, using Juice Beauty products, and staying active) it shows!

What’s the one product you’d recommend to someone who is trying Juice Beauty products for the first time? That’s tough—there are so many that are my favorites! Our Green Apple Peel is our patented bestseller and has won every beauty award under the sun (and rightly so, as it brightens, lightens, tightens)! Second to that would be the Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment because the proof is in the pudding (well, the clinical tests) and what woman doesn’t want to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes?! Okay, and then I can’t live without our Tinted SPF 30 Sand Moisturizer every morning as it is a multi-tasking wonder product…spf + rich moisturizer + mineral tint coverage + pomegranate antioxidants.

What has been the most challenging aspect of creating Juice Beauty’s innovative products? Initially the largest hurdle was finding scientists who were willing to go out on a limb and test formulas utilizing organic juices as the base instead of petroleum (yuk) or water (why pay for this?)! They all thought I was crazy when I approached them with the idea.

What’s on the horizon for Juice Beauty? Stay tuned for a VERY exciting celebrity collaboration that will launch on Earth Day…

Want more Q&As with natural beauties? Find them here.

(Image via Juice Beauty)

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