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4 Great Natural Perfumeries

Essential oils and distillers at The Burren Perfumery.

There’s a hint of fall in the air lately, especially in the mornings, and I can’t wait for my favorite season of the year! One thing I tend to change about my beauty routine when cooler weather arrives: I’m more likely to wear fragrance. I’m not sure why, but fall and perfume just seems to work for me. Here are four of my favorite natural and organic perfumers to check out if you’re looking for your new signature scent. Enjoy! —Aleigh

Burren Perfumery. I visited this charming perfumery in Ireland a few years back, and I’m still a fan of their fragrances, which take advantage of the perfumery’s location in The Burren, a region that contains 70% of the country’s wildflower species. To try: Summer Harvest, a great light, floral scent, or Frond, a warmer, more complex scent that blends floral notes with earthy Sandalwood.

Forager. One of my latest Beauty Obsessions, Forager is a new discovery of mine, and I love the simplicity of the each scent (and the gorgeous packaging). These perfumes will look just as good on your vanity as they smell on your wrists. To try: Nectar, a honey/cinnamon/yummy fragrance that has just enough warmth for fall.

Osmia Organics. I’m a fan of this whole product line, but Sarah’s fragrances are interesting and unusual—a great option for people who aren’t typically a fan of perfume or who are looking for something a bit different to add to their fragrance lineup. To try: Juniper Fire, a smoky-sweet scent with notes of cedar, or Trusque, a musky, warm fragrance.

Infusion Organique. Two samples from this company arrived in one of my Goodeboxes, and I’ve been developing quite an attachment to one of the fragrances in particular. To try: Sands of Morocco, a charming, curious mix of lemongrass oil and ylang ylang mixed with sandalwood and oak moss.

(Top image my own; product images via The Burren Perfumery, Forager, Osmia Organics and Infusion Organique)

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Sharing: A Petition to Women’s Magazines

Since making the switch to natural cosmetics, I’ve realized that I’ve become very sensitive to synthetic fragrances. My working theory is that my new sensitivity is related to the fact that my body has gradually begun to detox from all of those synthetic chemicals and fragrances that had built up in my body after years of daily use—which I think is a good thing. But it also means that I have a hard time walking past a smelly store or standing in an elevator with a perfume-laden person without developing a coughing fit.

Sadly, the same thing happens when I flip through the pages of some magazines—those perfume samples can make my eyes water and my throat feel like it’s closing right up. Which is a problem, since as a magazine editor, I flip through magazines all the time for research and inspiration. (Note: I do still wear perfume on occasion—I just stick with the natural and organic versions!)

Yesterday, Paige Wolf pinned a link to a petition on and I knew I had to share it with you. It’s a petition to the CEOs of several magazine companies to ban fragrance samples from the magazines they publish. While I understand why these publishing companies choose to include fragrance samples in their magazines, I wholeheartedly (and respectfully) support this goal, and I have signed the petition.

However, I can also see a potential compromise here: if fragrance samples are that essential to these magazines, perhaps there is a better way to package them so that those of us who want to avoid them can do so?

Do perfume samples bother you, too? Click here to view and sign the petition. I hope if you choose to sign, you’ll leave me a comment and let me know! —Aleigh

(Image via Enokson)

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Link Love Friday: Unscented

Here’s something I’ve started to notice more and more since I transitioned to natural products: I’m a lot more sensitive to synthetic fragrances than I ever was before I switched. I think my body had just gotten used to being surrounded by all of those synthetic chemicals and built up a tolerance, because now that my beauty routine is so much cleaner, I can’t even walk past a smelly store in the mall without getting a headache. For a while I thought maybe I was just imagining my new sensitivity, but it turns out I’m not the only one: Alexandra at No More Dirty Looks had a similar experience. Check out her post about working around synthetic fragrances, and don’t miss the comments.

Here’s what else I’ve been reading+enjoying this week:

What interesting things have you come across this week? Do tell! —Aleigh

(Image by Julie Goodrow)

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Link Love Friday: A Thousand Ships

A gorgeous piece from illustrator Samantha Hahn‘s new show; image via Oh Joy! 


This week, we caught up with one of my favorite natural beauties, made a pretty DIY cheek stain, read a few scary studies about synthetics in cosmetics and discovered another bee-lovely favorite brand, Melvita. I’m heading to the mountains in western North Carolina this weekend and hoping to discover some fun new shops or products to share with you. Here’s what I’ve been reading+enjoying elsewhere this week (the image above is from illustrator Samantha Hahn’s new solo show, A Thousand Ships):

What are you reading+enjoying this week?

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Link Love Friday: Slow Hair!

Slow Hair from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

This week, everyone’s been talking about groundbreaking topics like the East Coast earthquake (literally earth-shattering!) and Steve Jobs leaving Apple. Meanwhile, I’ve been writing about Pantone’s fall color predictions, my latest roundup for Breathe, easing into fall and what a year’s worth of beauty looks like. But here’s what I’ve been reading+enjoying elsewhere:

  • Sarah from Whoorl shared the amazing video above from Hairdresser on Fire, and I’m a little obsessed with it. I think I’ve watched it about 10 times. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Mkokopelli offered some good advice about how to get started on an eco-friendly lifestyle. I have some new apps to download…
  • Paige Padgett shared Elle’s list of top green celebrities. (Another reason to love Salma Hayek!)
  • The lovely ladies at Fig and Sage reviewed Rebel & Mercury 100% Natural Botanical Perfume, which I would definitely love to try.

What are you reading+enjoying this week?




PS: In case you missed it, here’s what I was reading+enjoying last week.

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