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Beauty Obsession: Pacific by MVO

Marie Veronique Nadeau and actress Shiva Rose

Here’s a confession: parenthood has done a serious number on my skin. In a bad way. It’s been impossible to get enough sleep (not good for my skin!), plus I rarely remember to wash my face at night before I finally collapse onto the bed (also not good), and I’ve caught every cold that Baby has brought home from daycare.

It’s like I can see my skin aging. (OK, OK, that may be a slight exaggeration.) Still, it’s depressing to watch my skin become so unhappy.

But it means I can honestly say I’ve put several products from the newish line by Marie Veronique Organics to the test. It’s called Pacific, and it was developed to address the specific issues facing aging skin (ahem)—everything from wrinkles and sagging to dehydration and hyperpigmentation.

I’ve been a fan of MVO for a few years, and in particular, of the MVO mist, which I keep in my purse when I’m going to be out in the heat—a quick spritz is seriously refreshing on a hot day. (Pro tip: Spritz it lightly over your mineral makeup for a dewy, fresh-faced look.)

I also love the story behind the products: Founder Marie Veronique Nadeau (that’s her on the left in the photo above) is a former chemistry teacher, who wanted safer, chemical-free products. She started by making her own sunscreen, and her skincare line has grown from there—each product is free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, waxes, dyes, fragrance, and nanoparticles.

Read on for mini reviews of six products in the Pacific line.

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