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Link Love: Endless Summer

Midsummer Day, Bronx Park (via The Library of Congress)

Confession: I’m really, really ready for fall. I’ve been coveting boots and sweaters for a few weeks now. But the last thing I want to do is wish away my life, so I’ve been looking for ways to celebrate this seemingly endless season. Luckily, my fellow bloggers aren’t all in the same boat—here are the great ideas and tips I turned up:

How are you keeping the magic of summer going? If you have tips to share, I’m interested! —Aleigh
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Link Love: March Mascara Madness

I’m so thrilled it’s March, you guys! It’s my favorite month: Springtime + my birthday = happiness. I’m also excited about this month’s Take the Boot Challenge at EarthFare—they’re offering a free Honeybee Gardens mascara if you trade in a not-so-clean mascara. (Love!) This is a mascara that’s been on my list to try since I read about how much Siobhan at No More Dirty Looks loves it. I agree with her that I’m not super enthusiastic about seeing phenoxyethanol on the ingredients list, but I’m also willing to at least take it for a test drive, comfortable that I know what I’m getting—and that it’s still a much better option than most of the traditional mascaras out there. Now if I can just dig up an old tube of synthetic mascara to exchange…

Here’s what else I’ve been reading+enjoying lately:

What have you been reading lately? —Aleigh

(Image via incurable_hippie)

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Link Love Friday: Sadness


The sweetest dog I’ve ever known died yesterday: my parents’ golden retriever, Cooper. We’re all big dog people in my family, so we’re all pretty torn up about it. Cooper was a lucky dog, though! He got to live in some great places—Nebraska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Montana—and spent his twilight years on my parents’ farm. We are going to miss him.

If Cooper could have shared his beauty tips with you, I think this is what he’d say:

  • Kindness is always beautiful.
  • Healthy meals are always better when they’re shared. (Especially yours. And you should share it with him.)
  • Sleep is important.
  • A happy person is a beautiful person.
  • Mud is the best beauty ingredient out there.
  • Exercise keeps you happy, healthy, and looking your best.

Meanwhile, my favorite beauty blogs have shared lots of (more practical) beauty advice this week. Here’s what I’m reading+enjoying:

  • Ashley at Our Little Apartment wrote about how she’s refined her no ‘poo technique for changing seasons and her particular hair type. Have you tried this technique?
  • Alexandra wrote a great post about the Seven Beauty Mistakes of the Personal Care Industry. For the most part, I agree with her—except about the eye cream. I’m a girl with genetic, dark undereye circles, and you do not want to come between me and my eye cream. Period. Which mistakes do you agree or disagree with?
  • Jolene shared the details of gomasio, a condiment that I’m definitely going to try. What are your go-to beauty foods?


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Link Love Friday: The Bragging Edition

I have to brag about a friend of mine this morning. Her name is Chanee, she’s a natural beauty, and she’s also the very talented and stylish creative force behind Melongings Studio. Etsy and West Elm invited her to sell her gorgeous textiles at a holiday event last night at our local West Elm store, and her pillow covers were selling like hot cakes! I completely forgot to measure my pillow inserts beforehand to know which size I need, so I’ll be ordering mine once I locate my tape measure, but I’m excited to know that Chanee also makes items to order, so I don’t have to worry about my favorite one selling out. Chanee also made an adorable stop-motion video to display her crafting process—watch it here. Here are the other things I’m reading+enjoying this week.

What are you reading+enjoying this week? And, since everyone’s talking about it, do YOU have a favorite natural mascara? Do tell. —Aleigh

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Link Love Friday: Daylight Savings

Courtney Brooke I can’t be the only one who will be supremely grateful for that extra hour on Sunday, right? I curse Daylight Savings Time every spring, but every fall it sounds so luxurious to have a whole extra hour of sleep. (Sleep is important, you know!) This week, we’ve been talking about winter skin care, the lovely holiday collections from Alima Pure, the story of cosmetics and Indigo+Canary’s very own Pinterest account.

(And, pssst! I just added a new board where Indigo+Canary readers can collaborate–leave a comment or send me an email if you’d like to be added! I’d love for it to become a place where we can share products we love or want to try, images that inspire us…)

Here are the things I’m reading+enjoying this week:

What lovely things are you reading+enjoying this week? Would love to know! —Aleigh

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(Image via Courtney Brooke)

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