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No Tricks: Pumpkin is A Treat For Your Skin

Don’t forsake pumpkin just because Halloween is over–this lovely squash is packed with nutrients that make it a treat (not a trick!) for your skin. With antioxidants and vitamins, pumpkin works well for all skin types. Here are three reasons to add a little pumpkin to your beauty routine.

  1. Heals. With lots of Vitamin A and Zinc, pumpkin is a soothing skin healer–making it a good option for sensitive or damaged skin. (Zinc is also an acne-fighter!)
  2. Moisturizes. Pumpkin itself is full of moisture, and when you put it on your face or body, your skin soaks it right up.
  3. Brightens. Pumpkin also has Vitamin C, a great skin brightener, which will help even out your complexion and brighten your skin tone.

Still not convinced? Read on for an easy DIY beauty recipe that combines pumpkin and honey for a seasonal (and sweet) treat for your skin.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, my lovely natural beauties! I had a busy weekend with family in town, so I thought I’d share links to a few scary or Halloween-related posts from the past few weeks:

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? (Or will you be dressing up tonight?) —Aleigh

(Image via UCLA Library Digital Collections)

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Link Love Friday: Wanderlust

I have a bad case of wanderlust every single day, but this week it’s been especially strong. I’ve been to some really amazing places (Egypt, Italy, Ireland, Russia and more), but there are so many places that I have yet to see. Machu Picchu tops the list. I’ve had my feet firmly planted on the ground here in Charlotte, however, and I’ve shared some scary-good Etsy finds (just in time for Halloween), gift ideas for cancer survivors, a DIY beauty slideshow I curated for Kirtsy, and my newest beauty obsession, my Neom Organics candle.

Here’s what I’ve been reading+enjoying elsewhere:

  • Sarai from Sweet Sassafras blogged about her friend’s hair and facial oils (they sound lovely!) and also about Rocky Top Soap Shop, an Etsy shop with really beautiful-looking soap.
  • Terresa at the Pure Alima blog shared some really cute Halloween makeup ideas for kids, made with Alima’s natural mineral makeup. (Be sure you scroll to the bottom–one of those awesome rockers is her son!)
  • Siobhan at No More Dirty Looks tried gua sha, and although it sounds painful I have to admit that I’m seriously intrigued. I’m already a big fan of acupuncture (more on that later), and this sounds like something I’d like to try. Would you?
  • Over at Organic Authority, I liked this post about synthetic makeup brushes, since I recently started using several Dermablend brushes and have been really impressed with them.

What are you reading+enjoying this week? (And while I’m at it…what destination is at the top of your wanderlust list?)




Want more Link Love Friday posts? Find them here.

(Photo via Pedro Szekely)

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6 Scary-Good Etsy Finds

Halloween is almost here, and there’s no better place to find one-of-a-kind items than Etsy. Here are six festive, natural and scary-good finds. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Caramel Candy Apple Soap, $8 from SunBasilGarden

Set of 5 Vampire Fangs soaps, $5 from Stardust Soaps

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Two scary studies about synthetics in cosmetics

Here’s the thing: I try really hard not to be alarmist on this blog. Do I think that there are some really awful ingredients in most cosmetics? Yes. Do I think the industry should be more highly regulated? Absolutely. But I also believe in balance, and I recognize that there’s a lot more to the decisions you make about which products to buy than simply what’s on the ingredients list.

But, yesterday I read two things that really frightened me, and I think they’re worth sharing. They really solidify one of the reasons I am so passionate about natural beauty: It’s just as much about being healthy as it is about feeling and looking good. So here goes.

Doctors in San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center have recently discovered that bisphenol A (otherwise known as BPA) and methylparaben can keep breast cancer drugs from being effective. BPA is commonly used in plastics and to line aluminum cans, while methylparaben is one of those nasty ingredients often found in synthetic cosmetics.

Essentially what this means is that in addition to potentially causing cancer, these substances also potentially make cancer treatments ineffective. Here’s a quote from the story in the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Since most breast cancers are driven by the hormone estrogen, the bulk of the drugs used to treat breast cancer are designed to knock down estrogen. BPA and methylparaben not only mimic estrogen’s ability to drive cancer, but appear to be even better than the natural hormone in bypassing the ability of drugs to treat it, Goodson said.

But it was the final paragraph that scared me the most:

Goodson said BPA and methylparaben are hard to avoid because they are used so widely and are even found in household dust. He said he does not know whether the effects of exposure to the chemicals are reversible.

“It’s used so much. We kind of swim in it,” he said.

Then, I read about a different, small study of 20 teenage girls recently released from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). In it, the group tested the urine of teenage girls (who tend to use more cosmetics than older women)–and discovered synthetic, hormone-disrupting substances like methylparaben in every single one. It scares me to think about the effects these synthetic substances could have on adolescent girls whose bodies are already changing in so many ways.

I don’t know about you, but I want to go give all of my natural products a big hug today. Does this information make you re-think any of the products in your beauty routine?

(Photo via sarah azavezza.)

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