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Beauty Obsession: Vapour Organic’s Illusionist

A look I cannot pull off: the smoky eye.

It seems like I’m always complaining about the dark circles under my eyes, but they’re truly my very own personal Enemy No. 1. They’re genetic (thanks, Grandpa), they’re purplish-blue, and they’re here to stay.

Even if I am perfectly rested and hydrated, if I don’t pile on the concealer, I constantly hear the same refrain from my co-workers, people I run into during the workday or weekend, etc.: “You look so tired!” “Are you getting enough sleep?” “You must be working so hard!”

Truth: I might be tired. I might not be getting enough sleep. I definitely do work very hard.

But when I’m feeling happy and refreshed, not tired, and not overworked, the absolute last thing I want to hear is someone commenting on the fact that I absolutely do not look as if I am feeling any of those things.

So. Before I discovered natural beauty, I spent years on the hunt for the perfect concealer. It was like searching for the holy grail—except I think in this case, the holy grail is actually an eye cream that makes them disappear entirely! (That search is ongoing as well.)

I never found the one, but I did settle on a combination of concealers, which I varied depending on whether I paired one with liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, or mineral makeup. Now that I’m firmly in the natural and organic beauty camp, the hunt is on all over again. I blogged about my last discovery a while ago, and now I’m ready to share my latest find in this epic battle to defeat my dark undereye circles. Read on for my review!

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