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Do you cheat on natural beauty?

Last night, I cheated. I’d gotten a not-natural-at-all mascara sample in my latest Birchbox, and I couldn’t resist its siren song.

Normally I’m not tempted by the conventional stuff at all, but this A) was in my house, B) was a sample, so no ingredients list for me to study (and freak out about), and C) promised to curl, lengthen, and darken my lashes.

So…I tried it. And honestly? It was pretty good. I liked it, but not really more than my clean mascaras. It was just different. Then I tried to wash it off, which was a serious challenge. (I did not love that.)

This morning I looked up the ingredients, and although the list was a mile long and they were mostly unpronounceable, they weren’t that bad. Except that there was one ingredient listed for which I never make exceptions: parabens.

Yikes! Moment of weakness = OVER.

Are you ever tempted to cheat on natural beauty?  —Aleigh

(Image via gnosis / john r)

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