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Think Before You Pink (No Pinkwashing, Please!)

It’s October, which means pink breast cancer awareness products are everywhere. (My own city even has a pink fire truck. Seriously.)

Like so many people, I have my own story about breast cancer and how it’s had an impact on my life (which prompted me to put together this post last year), but what really bothers me about all of this pink merchandising is that most companies that participate are profiting much more than they’re helping to support survivors. Oh, and many of these pink products actually contain ingredients that have been linked to cancer. It also doesn’t help that I’m still pretty peeved at Susan G. Komen.

Today’s post is dedicated to the pinkwashing phenomenon.

Please, before you purchase one of those bubblegum pink breast cancer awareness products, do yourself (and your friends and family who are breast cancer survivors) a favor: Read those ingredients lists. Check to see just how much of the purchase price actually goes toward research. Buyer beware, indeed.

Here are a few of the pinkwashing stories I’ve read this week:

What do you think? Will you be buying anything pink this month?

(Image via Jason Meredith)

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Link Love Friday: Sleeping In

                                                                                  Source: via One Plaid Aunt on Pinterest

This week, we’ve been talking about this month’s favorites, my new obsession with Una Biologicals, how coffee can energize your beauty routine and going all natural on Oct. 12. Meanwhile, I’d like to stay in bed all day. One of our dogs is sick and spent last night in the doggie hospital–I don’t think anyone slept well in our house because we’re all worried about him. Hopefully we’ll have some good news this morning!

Here’s what I’ve been reading+enjoying this week:

What are you reading+enjoying this week?

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