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Monday Musings: Coffee Conundrum

I really love coffee, and I believe that when it comes to skincare, the magical little caffeinated bean can do some really great things. But as with so many things in life, there’s conflicting information out there when it comes to consuming it. In fact, I recently suggested that a reader try eliminating caffeine from her diet entirely as a way to beat her hormonal acne. And a few weeks ago, on the same day, I read two different blog posts from blogs I regularly read—one posted in favor of coffee (heart disease and cancer prevention!), the other against (increased stress, digestive issues, association with insulin sensitivity!).

You guys, this is a prime example of what I always try to emphasize: balance. It’s what I mean when I say you have to look at the information and make a judgment about what works for you. If one of these blog posts rings especially true for you—maybe because you can connect the dots between your specific coffee habits and some of the symptoms you’ve experienced—do what you think is right.

Just know that no matter what you read on some blog (this blog included), you’re always the most important decision-maker in your life. There’s no one acne treatment or facial mask, no one way of doing things, that always works for everyone. So don’t forget to trust yourself, too.

It’s pretty empowering, right? —Aleigh

(Image via Jeff Kubina)

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