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Does the term “anti-aging” bother you?

It bothers Cameron Diaz. She recently spoke with Oprah about her dislike of the term—watch the video to hear what she has to say.

I get her point, and in a lot of ways, I agree with her. (Read my philosophy on a related topic—birthdays—here.) Re-thinking this term and its implications isn’t a bad idea.

However, I do think taking care of your skin (and the rest of your body!) will help keep it looking more youthful later in life. Maybe not young, but definitely more youthful. So perhaps instead of “anti-aging,” we focus on a product’s ingredients and their benefits for your skin. Or we stick with descriptions of what those ingredients do, like tighten, smooth, or reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What do you think? Does “anti-aging” bother you, too? —Aleigh

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Link Love: Winter

I’m long overdue for a Link Love post—especially since I’ve been hoarding so many great links to share! Here’s what I’ve been reading + enjoying lately:

According to this story in the New York Times, when you feel lonely, your skin is literally colder. Which explains why a warm cup of tea or coffee is so comforting.

This has been making the rounds, but if you haven’t seen it yet, a recent study links drinking soda with a higher risk of depression.

A bummer: Fig+Sage has ended their lovely natural beauty blog. I hope they keep the archives up for a while, because they’re a great resource. (And I wish them the best!)

I’ve been following along (although haven’t yet attempted) Bon Appetit’s 2013 Food Lover’s Cleanse, but it looks delicious. And I think I may try it. Pomegranate walnut oatmeal for breakfast? Sign me up.

Love this, from MindBodyGreen: 10 Easy Ways to Slow the Aging Process. Good advice here!

More great advice, this time from No More Dirty Looks: 4 Ways To Care For Your Hands (And Why You Should Want To). Brilliant and important.

What great things have you read + enjoyed lately? —Aleigh

Photo Credit: Mitya Kuznetsov via Compfight cc

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