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Does the term “anti-aging” bother you?

It bothers Cameron Diaz. She recently spoke with Oprah about her dislike of the term—watch the video to hear what she has to say.

I get her point, and in a lot of ways, I agree with her. (Read my philosophy on a related topic—birthdays—here.) Re-thinking this term and its implications isn’t a bad idea.

However, I do think taking care of your skin (and the rest of your body!) will help keep it looking more youthful later in life. Maybe not young, but definitely more youthful. So perhaps instead of “anti-aging,” we focus on a product’s ingredients and their benefits for your skin. Or we stick with descriptions of what those ingredients do, like tighten, smooth, or reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What do you think? Does “anti-aging” bother you, too? —Aleigh

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Let’s Talk About: Celebrating Birthdays

Mom with Milo. Aren't they cute?

Today is my mom’s birthday, and it’s a big one. (Happy birthday, Mama!) Since I don’t want to be disowned, I won’t tell you her age. But I do think it’s worth talking about this whole aging thing and how upset people can get about turning a year older.

Here’s the thing: I think birthdays are for celebrating, whether you’re turning 10 or 100. I’ve felt strongly about this since one of my mom’s best friends died of breast cancer more than a decade ago. She was in her mid-thirties, and I’m pretty sure she would’ve been thrilled—elated, even—to be able to celebrate another birthday.

I just can’t take birthdays for granted anymore. There’s no good reason to be sad about getting a year older. And honestly? I don’t think this whole aging thing is as bad as some people might want you to believe. (Sometimes I feel like it’s all a ruse get us to buy a bunch of anti-aging products!)

Recently, though, this whole don’t-take-life-for-granted outlook of mine has become even stronger. The past few years haven’t been easy for most people—or, frankly, for me—but surviving some really difficult times has actually given me a huge gift. I’ve realized the best way (for me) to get through a challenging time in my life is to look forward with positivity and cultivate a sense of gratefulness. It’s not easy, especially when times are tough, but I work at it every day.

Mom and me in the '80s.

It may sound like a cliche, but this new outlook has kind of changed my life. I’m grateful that I have a job that I love. I live in a city I enjoy. I’ve been to so many beautiful, inspiring places. I get to talk about one of my favorite topics—natural beauty—on this little blog, and with all of you.

Life can be messy. Sometimes it’s awful. But mostly, I think it’s pretty fantastic. And I’m so happy to be able to celebrate another birthday with my adorable mother. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So happy birthday, Mom! It’s going to be a good one. I just know it.

I’ll leave you all with one last link: this post from No More Dirty Looks, with six reasons why aging isn’t as awful as the cosmetics industry claims. Well said, Siobhan and Alexandra! I’m with you. —Aleigh

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Link Love Friday: The Grateful Edition

I’m having a big grateful moment today: for amazing friends, for my sweet (and hilarious) dogs, for my husband (married five years last weekend, what?!), for the work I do, and of course, for every single one of you who stops by to read Indigo+Canary. You are amazing!

I’m also grateful for the fantastic natural and organic blogs out there that continue to keep me inspired and informed. Here are three of my favorite recent posts from some of my favorite bloggers:

  • I have a huge fan-girl crush on Crunchy Betty, and if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, absolutely do not miss this post about navigating your natural health. It’s such a smart take on going the natural route, even though it can feel overwhelming.
  • One big pet peeve of mine: whining about growing older. (Here’s the thing: not everyone is lucky enough to grow old or even celebrate just one more birthday. Enjoy the life you have while you have it!) If you’re still not convinced, here’s a post for you, from Organic Authority: 1o Things to Love About Aging. Enjoy!
  • The once-a-week detox seems like something I could definitely stick with. And if two of my favorite natural beauties—Jolene from Beauty is Wellness and CrazySexyCancer chick Kris Carr—say it could help get rid of cellulite? Sold.
What are you grateful for this week? —Aleigh

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