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Natural Beauty Q&A: Jovie of The Rex Apothecary


Meet Jovie Belisle. Here’s why she’s exactly as awesome as she looks: In addition to being the founder and crafter behind the herbal concoctions at Rex Apothecary, she’s also about to complete a two-year Holistic Health Practice program. To celebrate, she wants to do something even more awesome—she wants to travel the country in a 1978 Winnebago to prove to bring her natural products to the people! (While also offering a healthy dose of nutritional and herbal consulting alongside, natch.) I’m all about supporting my fellow natural believers, and I’m hoping she’ll make it from Portland (where she is) to Charlotte (where we are). But a little help would go a long way. She’s working to raise $2,200 by September 1 to take her show on the road. Check out her Indiegogo page or leave a comment on this post to cheer her on!

Read on for some insight into her natural beauty journey and why she thinks it would be a great idea to trek across the country with her dog and two cats in an elderly Winnebago. I love her beauty philosophy! So inspiring. —Aleigh

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Three Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Natural beauties tend to be mindful of the planet every day of the year, but it’s still nice to take a moment on Earth Day to reflect on our beautiful world and all of its gifts! Here are a few beautiful ways to show the earth a little extra love today.

Shake up your routine. Try a new green/natural/organic/clean line of products—we’ve given you lots of suggestions over the years! Browse our Beauty Obsession archives to find your perfect match. (And PS: Lots of beauty brands and boutique have great Earth Day sales…)

Be grateful. Research shows that a sense of gratefulness or thankfulness has loads of health benefits. After all, a happy, healthy person is a beautiful person!

Plant something. Gardening is good for you, too—it can ease stress, help keep you in good shape, and give you fruits and veggies to harvest and eat for a healthy diet. (Regardless of what the critics may say.) Or put those veggies to use in a different way: to make your own beauty products!

Looking for even more suggestions? Here are our lists from 2013 and 2012. How will you be celebrating today? —Aleigh

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Link Love: Here Comes the Sun

This year I’ve decided to fully embrace summertime. I tend to become (more of) an indoors kind of girl this time of year–heat and humidity are not my favorite things. (I’d rather have chilly and windy!) But for once I’m actually longing to spend some time in the sun and just soak it all in. I think George Harrison said it best: “Here comes the sun/Here comes the sun, and I say/It’s all right.”

Here are this week’s lovely links!

I’d like to spend a weekend here.

I really, really love swimming laps…but I’m re-thinking it after reading this.

Speaking of soaking up the summertime: I’ve got to round up my friends for a movie night like this.

My ongoing struggle with meditation continues, but I think this simple guide just might help me find a breakthrough.

(Image via *Seth cc)

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Link Love Friday

This image has nothing to do with today's post—but it made me smile.

The last few weeks have been busy/challenging/amazing/sad/happy/frustrating and many other adjectives…I could go on. But life is starting to settle back into a (somewhat) normal routine. I’m looking forward to spending more time here with all of you (!!), but in the meantime, I’ve pulled together some great links from other places for today’s Link Love post. Enjoy, and happy Father’s Day weekend! —Aleigh

A look at how argan oil is made and processed.

On multitasking (and why it’s not always a good idea).

Hair dressing (a DIY hair conditioner good enough to eat), from the Whole Foods blog); I’m definitely testing this out tomorrow!

More on phenoxyethanol from Pai Skincare. (I do my best to avoid this ingredient, and I’ve noticed it has been used with less frequency by many otherwise natural companies.)

(Image via szeke cc)

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Link Love: A Little Lift

Colourful Cranes
It’s been a rough week for my family, and I’ve been getting a little bogged down with worry and sadness. But feeling sorry for myself just won’t do right now (or ever, really!), so this week I’ve pulled together a list of uplifting and inspiring links for you. I needed them. Here’s hoping for happy news, good times, and lots of sunshine this weekend! —Aleigh

(Image via blentley)

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