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Baby Love: 3 Healthy Baby Essentials

This week, Claudia will be five months old. (And here’s where I’ll be a complete parental cliche and say that I absolutely cannot believe how quickly five months have flown by.) Here are three products that I really love when it comes to keeping Baby healthy.*

Baby Ddrops. I learned a lesson on this one. It is frequently suggested that babies who are exclusively breastfed be given a daily Vitamin D supplement, which I think is important (not in the least part because most of the women in my family are Vitamin D deficient). After my pediatrician recommended a supplement, I went out to a drug store and grabbed the brand she recommended. I didn’t read the label. Big mistake. It was full of crap—chemical colorings, sweeteners, the works. My daughter HATED it, and because it was so packed full of things that weren’t Vitamin D, she was also supposed to take a huge dose. Then, I went out and did what I should’ve done the first time around: research. I found this brand and haven’t looked back. It’s clear, natural, and a dose is just one single drop—exactly what I wanted.

Gripe WaterGripe Water. Sometimes babies get gassy. And gassy babies are fussy babies. I always start with some movement to get things moving, but if that doesn’t work, just one dropper of Gripe Water almost always does the trick—and quickly, too. It’s been a relief on several evenings when Baby’s tired but too uncomfortable to fall asleep. I like that it’s made with organic ginger and fennel (no simethicone) and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so I can keep it next to the rocking chair.

charlie's soapCharlie’s Soap Laundry Powder. I can’t remember who suggested this product to me, but I added it to my baby registry (side note: I used Babylist), and it’s the only thing I’ve used to wash my daughter’s clothes, sheets, towels, and blankets. I don’t think Claudia has particularly sensitive skin, but we haven’t had any skin issues with this product. I had never used a powdered laundry detergent before, and I’m a total convert—I now also use it to wash everything. I like that it’s gentle (no dyes or scents), biodegradable, and most importantly it works. Best of all, I use such a tiny amount for each wash that I still haven’t used up that first container.

Do you have any favorite healthy baby products? Please share! —Aleigh

*This blog post is not intended to be used as medical advice, and the author is not a physician.

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Let’s talk about: vaccinations

No doubt, I would jump in front of a bus for this kid.

There are a lot of important decisions you have to make as a new parent—and even before you’re “officially” a parent, whether you go the traditional preggo route or adopt. Here’s a sampling: Will you breastfeed, if you can? What kind of diapers will you use? What kind of mattress will you buy for your crib? (This was a biggie for me, since I’m such a big fan of my natural latex mattress.) Where will the baby sleep for her first few months? What detergent will you use to wash his clothes and sheets and towels? If you formula feed, what brand will you use, and which bottles? What products will you use on Baby’s delicate skin?

Then your baby arrives and you realize that you’re more deeply in love than you could have ever thought possible, and the decisions keep coming. Like…vaccinating your child.

Let me take a moment, before I dive into this topic, to make it abundantly clear that these are my personal thoughts and opinions. I am not a doctor. I am choosing to share the decision I have made for my child, and I know this is a touchy subject (especially with the green/organic/sustainable living crowd!), so I am going to just say right now that I will not tolerate hateful or inflammatory comments on this site. If you post something that I deem offensive, hateful, or inflammatory, your comment will be deleted. Period. 

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Baby Love: 3Girls Holistic

Deborah Triplett Photography

Well. I certainly didn’t intend to take such a long break from Indigo+Canary, but I had a very good reason for my absence! The last several weeks of my pregnancy were a flurry of working, last minute baby shopping, and getting prepared (as prepared as possible, I suppose!) to welcome our little bundle to the world. And also a lot of complaining about how uncomfortable I was/fretting over feeling as if I’d be pregnant forever.

Our little miss arrived fashionably late, nearly a week past her due date! But I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Claudia Jeanne.

Now that she’s nearly a month old, I’ve had some time to spend with the baby products I’d received during my pregnancy, and I’m launching a new feature: Baby Love. They’ll be my reviews of baby products so that they’re easily searchable and won’t get lost amidst my Beauty Obsession posts. (And don’t worry; I have plenty of those on the way as well!)

First up: a trio of products from 3Girls Holistic*. Read on for my review (and be warned: if you’re squeamish about new mama topics—like breastfeeding!—you may want to skip this one).

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It’s coming…

It’s official: I’m working on our annual natural and organic beauty holiday gift guide! The holidays are going to be extra-special for me this year, so I’m working to make sure our third annual Holiday Gift Guide is, too.

Yes, I realize it’s only September. In my defense, it takes weeks to put this guide together every year, and I’ve got big plans!

I’d love your feedback. What gifts stump you every year? What do you look for from our gift guide? What have you found helpful in the past? —Aleigh

(Image: Osamu Kaneko; Text added by moi!)

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4 Pregnancy Lessons from the First Trimester

Day 66 - 25 weeks

Disclaimer: This is not my belly!

I’m at the 20-week point of my pregnancy. Officially halfway! It hasn’t exactly been a breeze this far, but I’m grateful to be feeling (mostly) well and that I haven’t had any major complications. I have, however, learned a few things about this whole pregnancy thing that I think are worth sharing with my fellow soon-to-be mamas. —Aleigh

Sunburns. Ouch. My skin is much more sensitive to skin exposure right now, which I have proven on two all-day boat excursions. No amount of sunscreen and frequency of reapplying seems to keep me from getting burned, which means hats and light layers of clothing are a must when I know I’ll be spending the day in the sun. But that doesn’t mean I neglect sunscreen, of course! The next one I’m planning to try: Coola Organic Suncare Baby SPF 50 Unscented Moisturizer.

Body oil. Moisturization is so, so important for a growing, stretching, changing pregnant body. I’m more dedicated than ever to my daily body oil routine: I keep a bottle or two of body oil in the shower, and generously smooth it on once I turn off the water. Then I lightly pat dry. This technique seems to do the best job of keeping my skin smooth and soft all day long.

Letting it go. It’s all about mindset. People will inevitably say the wrong thing to you. My favorite from the past few months: “You don’t look pregnant AT ALL!” Let me tell you, when you’re three months along and you feel bloated and uncomfortable—and you’re definitely sporting a baby bump—this comment just makes you think, “Wait, you think I look like this ALL THE TIME?!” It’s not easy to smile and walk away without responding with a biting comment, but it’s worth the effort (most of the time).

Pregnancy anger. Someone should’ve warned me (and probably my husband!) that this was a thing. One bonus? I’m practicing my yoga breathing a LOT. And thanks to prenatal yoga classes, I’m practicing actual yoga, too—which is a huge help.

(Image via Michael Sharman

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