I’m Aleigh. (It rhymes with Sally.)

I’m a long time beauty junkie who developed a passion for natural beauty through an introduction to the owners of Beautorium.com, an online natural and organic beauty emporium. Indigo+Canary is my natural beauty blog, where I write about my current obsessions, my favorite (and not-so favorite) natural beauty products, along with DIY beauty, natural beauty inspiration, and basically whatever else strikes me…that’s at least somewhat related to beauty, at least.

I make my living by writing about lots of things (including, sometimes, natural beauty), as a writer/editor in Charlotte. (You can find more of my writing on my professional site, here.)

My path to natural beauty

Once I started paying attention, I realized there were some really unhealthy things in the products I’d been using (every day, for years), like pthalates, parabens, and lead. With more research, I discovered many of those ingredients had been linked to cancer, hormonal disruption, skin irritation, and more. And when I learned that as your body’s largest organ, with more than a billion pores, your skin absorbs 60 percent (or more!) of what you put on it, I wondered:

Shouldn’t what you put on your body be just as important as what you put into it?

When I realized how little I’d known about the beauty products I’d been using every day, I wanted to help spread the word about the great natural products I’d discovered—and about the things I was learning about the chemicals I’d unknowingly been putting on my skin.

And so, Indigo+Canary was born. Welcome, fellow beauty junkies! Please leave me a comment. I live for comments.