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Well. I certainly didn’t intend to take such a long break from Indigo+Canary, but I had a very good reason for my absence! The last several weeks of my pregnancy were a flurry of working, last minute baby shopping, and getting prepared (as prepared as possible, I suppose!) to welcome our little bundle to the world. And also a lot of complaining about how uncomfortable I was/fretting over feeling as if I’d be pregnant forever.

Our little miss arrived fashionably late, nearly a week past her due date! But I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Claudia Jeanne.

Now that she’s nearly a month old, I’ve had some time to spend with the baby products I’d received during my pregnancy, and I’m launching a new feature: Baby Love. They’ll be my reviews of baby products so that they’re easily searchable and won’t get lost amidst my Beauty Obsession posts. (And don’t worry; I have plenty of those on the way as well!)

First up: a trio of products from 3Girls Holistic*. Read on for my review (and be warned: if you’re squeamish about new mama topics—like breastfeeding!—you may want to skip this one).

What I tried: New Mama Healing Essentials Kit, $24

First impressions: First of all, the ingredients in these products make my heart happy. Add in the fact that they’re made in Nevada, come in recyclable packaging, are cruelty free, and that the company practices charitable giving, and I’m sold.

Beyond that, I love when gift sets come with full-sized products, and the three products in this kit are generously sized: nipple cream, calming mist, and tender tush treatment. I started using the calming mist right away, as I had a serious bout of insomnia the last two months of my pregnancy. It didn’t help me sleep, but I love the scent, and giving myself a little spritz was definitely a favorite nighttime treat those final weeks of pregnancy. I plan to use it on Claudia when she gets a bit bigger, too.

Now: I’m breastfeeding and had been on the hunt for a non-lanolin nipple cream (for a variety of reasons), and I was excited to discover the 3Girls Holistic version. It has shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil, along with a few other soothing ingredients. I love that it smells chocolate-y, but mostly I love that it does the trick. Breastfeeding mamas, if you’ve had issues with cracked and sore nipples and lanolin isn’t for you, I recommend this stuff. The organic coconut oil alone has great benefits: it has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties (which lanolin doesn’t), making it protective against infections like thrush. Plus it’s soothing and (most importantly!) safe for baby.

As for the tender tush treatment, I was so glad I thought to bring this little miracle with me to the hospital. If you’re a new mom (or a soon-to-be new mom), trust me when I say that this little spray bottle is a great addition to the arsenal of products you’ll use to ease post-birth pain and soreness. It’s cooling and slightly numbing—I sprayed it directly on my skin, onto maternity pads, etc. And you can use it on minor cuts and scrapes, too.

Bonus: The New Mama Essentials Kit is for sale on for the next few days, along with some of their other products! Click here to sign up for the site if you’re interested in snagging it for just $14.99.

This product was sent to me for review, but I only write about cosmetics I think are truly worthy of being shared with you. View my full disclosure here, and my review policy here.

(Top image by Deborah Triplett Photography; product image via 3Girls Holistic)

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2 Comments on Baby Love: 3Girls Holistic

  1. Lindsey said on

    The tush treatment sounds awesome! (Well as awesome as something like that can sound.) I will have to check that out. Thanks!

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  2. Robyn said on

    I found that the lanolin worked but felt like putting super glue on my nipples and took forever to wipe off my fingers!!! I gotta try this for next time.*

    *no plans, yet, promise!!!

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