4 Pregnancy Lessons from the First Trimester

Day 66 - 25 weeks

Disclaimer: This is not my belly!

I’m at the 20-week point of my pregnancy. Officially halfway! It hasn’t exactly been a breeze this far, but I’m grateful to be feeling (mostly) well and that I haven’t had any major complications. I have, however, learned a few things about this whole pregnancy thing that I think are worth sharing with my fellow soon-to-be mamas. —Aleigh

Sunburns. Ouch. My skin is much more sensitive to skin exposure right now, which I have proven on two all-day boat excursions. No amount of sunscreen and frequency of reapplying seems to keep me from getting burned, which means hats and light layers of clothing are a must when I know I’ll be spending the day in the sun. But that doesn’t mean I neglect sunscreen, of course! The next one I’m planning to try: Coola Organic Suncare Baby SPF 50 Unscented Moisturizer.

Body oil. Moisturization is so, so important for a growing, stretching, changing pregnant body. I’m more dedicated than ever to my daily body oil routine: I keep a bottle or two of body oil in the shower, and generously smooth it on once I turn off the water. Then I lightly pat dry. This technique seems to do the best job of keeping my skin smooth and soft all day long.

Letting it go. It’s all about mindset. People will inevitably say the wrong thing to you. My favorite from the past few months: “You don’t look pregnant AT ALL!” Let me tell you, when you’re three months along and you feel bloated and uncomfortable—and you’re definitely sporting a baby bump—this comment just makes you think, “Wait, you think I look like this ALL THE TIME?!” It’s not easy to smile and walk away without responding with a biting comment, but it’s worth the effort (most of the time).

Pregnancy anger. Someone should’ve warned me (and probably my husband!) that this was a thing. One bonus? I’m practicing my yoga breathing a LOT. And thanks to prenatal yoga classes, I’m practicing actual yoga, too—which is a huge help.

(Image via Michael Sharman

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5 Comments on 4 Pregnancy Lessons from the First Trimester

  1. Joana said on

    Body oil during pregnancy. Who woulda thunk it? Will do this when the right time comes that a baby grows in my belly.

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips! This post was very fun, interesting and an insightful read.


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    • indigo+canary said on

      Thanks for the comment, Joana! I actually use body oil all the time (pregnant or not), but it seems to really be doing the trick now that my belly is swelling. 🙂


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  2. KellyLove said on

    a) I was really hoping that was your belly, but I am aware that your belly could not be quite that large at this point. I just ridiculously want to see round Aleigh photos, because CUTE!

    b) I love Coola. I have no fewer than 7 Coola sunscreens in my makeup case, purse (need to apply for drive home when leaving work while it is 106 degrees to sit on the interstate parking lot for the hour it takes me to drive 10 miles), desk (see “purse”) and dog park bag (like a baby bag, but with collapsible bowl, treats, wipes, etc. for the puppy) and on the credenza by the front door next to the parasol I use while dog walking. I won’t walk her on pavement when it’s over 100 degrees, but UV is SO high here in Austin that Coola matte goes on decollete and hands/arms even with parasol. Love the tinted matte Coola for face; I use it daily with just a little bare minerals powder as a base.

    c) Since you were the one taking care of me after my lipo surgery, I’m reminding you about belly band for post-baby! My surgeon said that daily wear of that stupid stretchy thing really helped my stomach shrink without stretchmarks (and cocoa butter/oil helped too). Belly bands! Japanese women have been using them forever.

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