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I’ve written extensively about the skin benefits of honey, here and elsewhere, and I’m a sucker for products with honey in them. In particular, I especially love facial products with honey, since the antiseptic and antibacterial qualities in honey are particularly effective against cystic acne. (Which I decidedly do not love.)

So I was excited to try a few of Shirley Makela’s products, created for her new company, Alki Organix. Shirley is a holistic health and nutritional coach, and like so many creators of natural and organic cosmetics, created her line out of a desire to find products that would soothe and nurture her sensitive skin.

The result is a product line with supremely natural ingredients, using really soothing ingredients like certified organic sunflower and virgin unrefined coconut oils, certified organic witch hazel, grape seed oil, mango butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and honey as a base. (And no water. Just pure, potent ingredients.) Read on for the scoop about her Manuka Honey Facial treatment (and a small bonus write-up on my favorites of her skin balms that I tried). —Aleigh

What I tried: Manuka Honey Facial, $22.95

First impressions: From the images on the Alki website, I assumed the products were packaged in glass. But when I received them, I realized they are actually in a dark plastic. According to Shirley, the plastic is PET, which does not contain BPA (a big bonus for me).

Now, for the product! It smells overwhelmingly (and deliciously) of honey, and melts almost instantly in your hand. I used the technique Shirley recommends: I scooped out a small amount, smoothed it over my face and throat, and let it “set” for a few moments. (This allows the honey to draw out and absorb your skin’s impurities and dead skin.) Then, I lightly massaged with my fingertips, using circular motions, and wiped it away with a warm, wet washcloth. My face felt smooth—lightly exfoliated, clean, and soft. I finished with a soothing facial oil and went about my day!

What caught me by surprise: Since this product melted so quickly—which I didn’t mind, actually—I thought I might pop it into the fridge and try using it chilled. Even kept chilly, the facial balm melts quickly, but it feels nicely cool as it goes on; an extra-nice treat for a hot summer day.

Bonus: Shirley also uses Manuka honey in her Sweet Honey Balm, (which she offers with additions of lavender, chamomile, and orange), which I have started carrying around in my purse with me. It’s a great moisturizer and keeps my hands extra soft—and it’s perfect for workday applications, because it sinks in so quickly that my fingers don’t leave greasy streaks on my computer keyboard. But! I’m also forming an addiction to her Chocolate Orange Balm, which smells delicious and I swear has aromatherapy benefits. It perks me right up during that 3 p.m. workday slump.

*This product was sent to me for review, but I only write about cosmetics I think are truly worthy of being shared with you. View my full disclosure here, and my review policy here.

(Top image via wildxplorer, product image via Alki Organix)

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  1. Robin said on

    Lovely review! I adore using skin product with honey. This one defiintely sounds like one I will be trying soon.

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    • indigo+canary said on

      Thanks, Robin! Would love to know what you think if you try it.

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