Link Love: Here Comes the Sun

This year I’ve decided to fully embrace summertime. I tend to become (more of) an indoors kind of girl this time of year–heat and humidity are not my favorite things. (I’d rather have chilly and windy!) But for once I’m actually longing to spend some time in the sun and just soak it all in. I think George Harrison said it best: “Here comes the sun/Here comes the sun, and I say/It’s all right.”

Here are this week’s lovely links!

I’d like to spend a weekend here.

I really, really love swimming laps…but I’m re-thinking it after reading this.

Speaking of soaking up the summertime: I’ve got to round up my friends for a movie night like this.

My ongoing struggle with meditation continues, but I think this simple guide just might help me find a breakthrough.

(Image via *Seth cc)

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