Beauty Obsession: Osmia Organics Detox Mask

I’m always excited to try a new release from Osmia Organics, but truly, few things make me happier than a great facial mask treatment on a weekend afternoon. When that afternoon includes a fresh mask from Osmia plus relaxing with a great book (I just finished this one) and a glass of sparkling water with lemon, there’s almost nothing better.

If you’ve shied away from dry facial masks in the past, this may be the perfect one to try. Yes, it can take a few tries to get just the right ratio of mask to water (start with the mask, and add a tiny amount of water bit by bit), but these dry masks have two big pluses, in my opinion: they last a really long time (if they ever expire), and you control the mixing, so you can customize them to get the perfect consistency for your skin. Plus you can mix up exactly the amount you need, whether you’re doing an all-over mask or just a dab for a spot treatment. —Aleigh

What I tried: Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask, $50*

First impressions: As with all of the Osmia products I’ve tried, the packaging for this facial mask is simple and beautiful. This new mask is a dry formula and comes in a glass bottle tucked into a small box with a small ceramic bowl and spatula. It’s potent (and pure), with three types of skin-purifying clay and activated bamboo charcoal. If you’ve got troubled or problematic skin—or just feel like your complexion is a bit dull—this mask is a great option, especially because with finely ground walnut shells, it’s also an exfoliator.

What caught me by surprise: Sarah warned me that because this mask does exfoliate and detoxify, my skin might be a little red for 10-15 minutes after I rinsed off the mask. And, frankly, I fully expected this—my skin has been a bit more on the sensitive side lately. (I always slather on a great, soothing facial moisturizer after a facial mask.) But after testing this mask several times, I haven’t experienced redness once. I can absolutely feel the mask tightening up my skin as it dries, and it does offer some great, gentle exfoliation when it’s rinsed off. (Note: when you rinse, move your fingers in a circular motion, gently—don’t scrub!) But my skin is just absolutely glowy post-mask, and it definitely calmed a recent cystic acne bump on my jawline.

Bonus: This mask comes with its own little ceramic bowl and spatula—such a great touch. I’ve been stealing bowls from my kitchen cabinets to mix up my facial masks in the past. No more!

*This product was sent to me for review, but I only write about cosmetics I think are truly worthy of being shared with you. View my full disclosure here, and my review policy here.

(Images via Osmia Organics)

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4 Comments on Beauty Obsession: Osmia Organics Detox Mask

  1. Tianna said on

    this sounds lovely! I haven’t tried Osmia, but will look into it ♥

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  2. KammyH said on

    Oooh… this mask sounds lovely! I love that it doesn’t have a million spices and essential oils in it like most of the other dry masks on the market… my sensitive skin does not like those.

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  3. Meridith said on

    This sounds really nice. I am in need of a little at home treatment for my face. Just out of curisoity…how long does that “glowy” look last. A week or so? Should I do a mask each weeek?

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    • indigo+canary said on

      Hi Meridith! I try to make time for a mask once a week, but the results (and the frequency) really depend on your skin. If your skin can tolerate a weekly mask, go for it! Some people may choose to use a mask a few times a week (if their skin is especially oily), or maybe every other week or less (for dry or very sensitive skin). I would say once a week is about average. For me the glowy look only lasts a day or so—but I can see the purifying effects for about a week. (Fewer blemishes, etc.) Hope this answers your question!

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