Two new additions to my eye cream arsenal

For the past several weeks I’ve been trying out two new products on my never-ending quest to find the perfect eye cream—and while I’m not sure either of these are perfect (for me, at least), both are absolutely worthy of being shared with you.

Vital-C Serum, $48, The Body Deli: OK, so this isn’t technically an eye cream. It’s a serum, and it’s not just for your eyes. I bought this bright orange serum on my trip to Palm Springs a few months ago, and I’ve been using it somewhat religiously since I got home. (My first product from The Body Deli!) The texture and color remind me a bit of a runny egg yolk—it’s very slick—but my skin loves it, and it feels so good. Plus, this little serum contains some powerful antioxidants: Rovisome Vitamin C, CoQ10, and allantoin, all of which work to increase elasticity, reverse free radical damage, and reverse sun damage.

Weleda Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream, $33: This eye cream came in my last Goodebox. I really like that it’s creamy and soothing, although I do have to be extra careful not to get even a tiny amount in my eyes (it stings!). I tend to use this eye cream when I wake up with especially puffy eyes—the macadamia nut oil and sunflower seed oil are great for reducing swelling, and the pomegranate oil works well to smooth fine lines. This is also a great option for people who tend to wear a decent amount of eye makeup—since it’s absorbed quickly, you don’t have to wait long before applying a concealer or eyeshadow.

Would you try either of these eye creams—or have you already found your perfect eye cream? —Aleigh

(Top image via beyourpet on flickr, product images via The Body Deli and Weleda)

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2 Comments on Two new additions to my eye cream arsenal

  1. Cindy said on

    I love using a nice serum as an eyecream! Right now Im using a sample from Tatcha plus serum from Annmarie Gianni skincare. A winning combo!
    Love your site, btw!

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  2. Lauren Reynolds said on

    Great site! I love Arbonne’s Re9 anti-aging eye creme but to beat the cold, dry months, my favorite Arbonne eye creme is the FC5 Hydrating Eye Creme. For puffiness and dark circle you should try our Calm soothing eye gel! For an added benefit you can stick this product in a freezer for about 10 minutes and instantly feel a soothing effect once you roll the eye gel on 😉 Feel free to check them out at or email me for a free sample!

    Be blessed,

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