3 Beautiful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Many of us try to celebrate the idea behind Earth Day all year long—but if you need a boost, here are three little things you can do today to show the earth some love!

Try something new. Trying new things (whether it’s a new food or a new activity) is good for you—and helps cultivate an appreciation for our amazing world.

Make a swap. Replace one of your not-natural-or-organic cosmetics with one that’s better for you (and the earth)! Here’s a guide I put together to help wade through the challenges of evaluating natural and organic cosmetics.

Get outside. Plant something in your garden. Play with your dogs. Or just take a leisurely walk and marvel at the beauty of the world around you. (Even just a 20- to 30-minute walk can have big health benefits!)

Want more ideas? Here’s a link to last year’s Earth Day post, which has even more ways to celebrate Mother Earth. Enjoy! —Aleigh

(Image via Amy Ray)

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