Link Love: Daylight Savings

I have no love for Daylight Savings Time—it always feels as though it takes weeks for my body to get adjusted to even just that one pesky hour of difference. (Today is no exception.)

But I have a happy announcement to make this morning! Thanks once again to everyone who filled out the first ever Indigo+Canary Reader Survey. It is now closed and ready for me to spend some quality time mulling over all of your excellent comments and suggestions. I used to select a winner for the $25 Spirit Beauty Lounge gift certificate, and the winner is respondent #9, Anne Burnham! (Anne, look for an email from me to confirm receipt of your gift certificate.)

And here are some link love goodies for you:

If your busy-ness is making it hard to take care of yourself, this post is for you: 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy.

10 two-minute tricks that can help boost your health, from NMDL via Well and Good NYC.

Whole Foods has committed to making sure all GMO foods in their stores are clearly marked by 2018.

5 great tips for people like me who find meditation extremely challenging.

(Image/Matt Callow)

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