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Here’s the truth: I test out a lot of products. And because it can be hard for a person’s skin to constantly adapt to new cosmetics, that means my skin doesn’t always look its best. However, sometimes a product or product line comes around that makes things better—like a big, soothing hug for my skin. And the product line I’m sharing today fits into that category. I’ve been using it regularly for a few months, and I love this stuff.

Seriously clean ingredients, seriously powerful results—even on my product-weary skin and hormonal acne. (Proof: I had a wonderful facial last week, and my esthetician complimented me on the texture, tone, and moisture level of my skin. This, my friends, is a big deal.)

Read on for details!

What I tried:  Love Beauty Alchemy’s Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Hydrating Botanical Toner, Brightening Complex Solution, Super-Antioxidant Essential Moisturizer (full line, $120)*

First impressions: Packaging, of course! I always appreciate products that come in glass, and the LBA toner and brightening complex are packaged in glass spray bottles. All four products come in generous portions; I’ve been using all four nearly every day for more than a month (in generous amounts), and am only halfway through the toner and brightening complex. Harder to tell with the moisturizer and foaming cleanser, but I think I’ll finish up the moisturizer this month.

What caught me by surprise:

Purifying Foaming cleanser: This light and gentle cleanser isn’t overly drying, and smells fresh and slightly citrus-y. It has witch hazel, which is helpful for acne-prone skin, plus soothing ingredients like aloe and clarifiers like Vitamin C and grapefruit seed extract. When I wash with my fingers I use one pump, which is plenty; when I use my Clarisonic (about once a week), I use two pumps.

Hydrating Botanical Toner: The second step in the LBA routine. To use: shake the bottle (which is important, because the ingredients do separate a bit), then close your eyes and mist your face with four or five spritzes. (You can also dab onto a cotton swab and apply the old-fashioned way.) Energizing, clarifying, and moisturizing, this product has completely changed how I feel about toners—it’s alcohol-free and includes rose hip seed oil, which has powerful anti-aging properties.

Brightening Complex Solution: This solution is slightly pulpy but goes on smoothly. Like the toner, it needs to be shaken before use—I usually squirt two pumps onto my fingers and massage onto my face (including under my eyes) and neck before the toner has dried. I’m in love with the ingredients list for this product: green tea extract, aloe and witch hazel, plus seaweed, vitamins C and E, alpha lipoic acid (an antioxidant), MSM, and more.

Super-Antioxidant Essential Moisturizer: This pale chartreuse-colored moisturizer is very emollient—I put it on when my face is still damp from washing, toning, and brightening, and my skin just soaks it in. (It needs to be shaken before use, also.) It’s packed with happy skin ingredients including grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, CoQ10, rosemary, and more.

Bonus: Since starting my LBA regimen, I have noticed a few changes in my skin, including smaller pores and fewer blemishes. Win!

(Images via Love Beauty Alchemy)

*These products were sent to me for review, but I only write about cosmetics I think are truly worthy of being shared with you. View my full disclosure here, and my review policy here.

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