A little help from my friends…

Lately I’ve been thinking about making some smallish changes to Indigo+Canary. I’ve been realizing that my little blog tends to get somewhat neglected when my other writing responsibilities and deadlines pile up. Truth: although I started this blog as a hobby to share my research and love of natural cosmetics, I have to spend time on the projects that help pay my bills—and Indigo+Canary is not one of them. Which means that in order to be able to spend more time here with all of you—and maybe even bring on a paid contributor on occasion!—I’m considering hosting a few ads and/or accepting some (very carefully selected*) sponsored posts.

But first, I’d love to get your thoughts. We’ve built a bit of a community here, and it turns out I don’t know very much about my readers! And so, without further ado, here is the link to my first ever (and very short) 2013 Indigo+Canary Reader Survey.

As a thank you, I’ll include everyone who fills out the survey in a random drawing for a $25 gift card to Spirit Beauty Lounge. Thanks so much! —Aleigh

*If I do decide to add advertising or accept sponsored posts, I promise to use the same careful consideration before I accept them that I do for my Beauty Obsessions.

(Image via Ememem)

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