Bee Lovely: A DIY Honey Facial Mask

I interviewed Julia Compton, the lead esthetician at the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte, for the latest issue of Charlotte Wedding. She shared her favorite at-home treatment for stressed-out skin: a DIY honey facial mask that’s especially good for combating breakouts.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m stressed, my skin definitely shows it. (And planning a wedding? Can definitely be a stress-fest at times.)

Luckily, Julia’s mask is super easy—all you need is a jar of fresh (preferably local) honey, warm water, a couple of bowls, and a towel. Get the details here.

Do you have a favorite DIY facial treatment? Please share! I’d love to try it. —Aleigh

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3 Comments on Bee Lovely: A DIY Honey Facial Mask

  1. Rachael said on

    I love this! I wash my face with raw honey and my skin has never been happier, but I’ve never used it as a mask. One question: the method says to wipe the honey off with a “warm towel” but is the towel supposed to be warm and also damp?

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  2. indigo+canary said on

    Hi Rachael! Julia says the towel only needs to be warm — which will warm up the honey and help you wipe it off — but if you need a little water to help remove the honey, that would be OK, too.

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  3. Chethu Rathnayake said on

    Is it ok if I apply honey on my eyelashes?

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