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A few weeks ago, I mentioned to Catherine at Saffron Rouge that I’ve been looking for a gentle natural makeup remover. I’m still trying really hard to stick with this year’s beauty resolutions, and the first one—not going to bed with makeup on—was reinforced last week when lovely makeup artist Sally Biondo mentioned that it’s the number one bad beauty habit she encourages people to break.

This idea of never going to bed without cleansing your face is not new—we all know it’s important. And yet, I have to admit, I’m sometimes guilty of breaking this rule. Usually it’s when I’m tired and also trying to also stick with the fourth rule—getting enough sleep! (Which is really an extremely wimpy excuse for not taking good care of your skin.)

Luckily, Catherine sent me three products* that are helping me keep up with my nighttime routine, from a company I’d been longing to try: Living Nature. Read on for details!

What I tried: Living Nature’s Gentle Makeup Remover ($23), Radiance Night Oil ($50), and Vitalizing Cleanser ($35)

First impressions:

  • Gentle Makeup Remover: This formula is exactly what I’d been seeking. It’s gentle and light, not greasy at all (an essential quality), and the best part? It doesn’t take much to get off all my mascara, eyeshadow, and concealer. I love that it has manuka honey, chamomile, and calendula—all super soothing ingredients.
  • Radiance Night Oil: Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I have serious love for facial oils. This one smells deliciously like roses and is scientifically proven to stimulate structural skin cells up to 43% in 72 hours. It’s a rich, golden color and feels super luxurious.
  • Vitalising Cleanser: I use this in the morning, but it’s just as good for nighttime face washing (perhaps followed by the makeup remover to get rid of any lingering eye makeup). It has a citrusy scent, which I like in the morning to help perk up my skin (and wake me up a bit). It lathers nicely; just a pea-sized amount is all I need to cleanse my whole face.

What caught me by surprise: Mostly? The Radiance Night Oil. One of the big pluses to using a facial oil at night is that it gives the oil a chance to really sink into your skin (without makeup on top of it, without your hands touching your face all day, without your skin being bombarded by the elements…you get the idea). And although this oil is meant for dry and mature skin (my skin is neither of those…yet), my skin loved it, and was noticeably softer in the morning. I think this would be a great transitional product if you find that cooler, wintery weather tends to dry out your skin.

Bonus: New Zealand (where Living Nature is based) is such a great place for natural and organic beauty companies, in particular for one big reason. The island is rich with plants that don’t grow anywhere else in the world (at least 80 percent of them!)—and many of them end up in cosmetics.

Have you tried any Living Nature products? —Aleigh

(Images via Saffron Rouge)

*These products were sent to me for review, but I only write about cosmetics I think are truly worthy of being shared with you. View my full disclosure here, and my review policy here.

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2 Comments on Beauty Obsession: Living Nature

  1. kimberlyloc said on

    I haven’t tried any of these products. Makeup remover is one of those things that is SO easy to DIY and pay close to nothing for. I instead like to use coconut or jojoba oil at night to get my makeup off (oil cleansing method). It dissolves stubborn mascara and layers of makeup so easily, and it’s good for your skin!

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  2. indigo+canary said on

    That’s awesome, Kimberly! Did you blog about your recipe? I’d love to try it out. In the meantime, I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had any time for DIY…and so I’m thrilled to have found some more natural products to love. 🙂 —Aleigh

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