How do you get the most out of your products?

This weekend, I took the top off my Osmia Organics Facial Calibration Serum to shake the very last drops out of the bottle. I also washed my makeup brushes using up the dregs of an old bottle of natural shampoo. The whole process reminded me of one of the exhibits at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science: A Day in Pompeii.

The exhibit had lots of artifacts from everyday life in Pompeii, including this little spatula (left), which was used to scoop out cosmetic and medicinal creams from small jars and pots. (I could use one of those!)

I also discovered a handy tool called a strigile, which Pompeiians used for bathing. It’s basically a curved metal scraper with a handle; you would rub yourself down with oil, scrub yourself with a gritty mud, then scrape it off with the strigile. Et voila! Glowy, clean skin. (Personally, I think I’ll stick with dry brushing, though.)

Ancient beauty tools are pretty fascinating, but how do you get to the last bits of your cosmetics? Do you use a scoop? Turn your bottles upside down? What tips do you have to share? —Aleigh

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