Link Love Friday: Reflections

Indigo+Canary has been a little quieter for the past several weeks, not because I am any less enthusiastic about natural beauty, but because I’ve been focused on some other things. (Mostly things that will pay my bills.) I don’t make any money off my little blog right now, and that’s OK with me, but it does mean that sometimes, when I have deadlines piled on top of one another (because I’m a writer/editor by day…and sometimes by night), I have to take a few steps back from Indigo+Canary to get things done.

I’ve been missing all of you, though, so I’ve been re-arranging a few things to allow me to be more dedicated to this little group of friends you’re all a part of here. I try to respond to every comment and every email, although sometimes it takes me a little while, so if you’ve sent me a message and haven’t gotten a response, I promise it’s coming.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention that this month marks the one-year anniversary of Indigo+Canary, and I can hardly believe it. I am so grateful to each one of you who has stopped by, left me a comment, sent me an email, or checked me out on Facebook and Twitter. It’s been so amazing to find out just how many of us there are out there who obsessively read the ingredients labels on our cosmetics, question the things we put on our bodies, and push for healthier, less harmful products. I’m so glad you all found me. —Aleigh

(Image via Helga Weber)

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