Do you cheat on natural beauty?

Last night, I cheated. I’d gotten a not-natural-at-all mascara sample in my latest Birchbox, and I couldn’t resist its siren song.

Normally I’m not tempted by the conventional stuff at all, but this A) was in my house, B) was a sample, so no ingredients list for me to study (and freak out about), and C) promised to curl, lengthen, and darken my lashes.

So…I tried it. And honestly? It was pretty good. I liked it, but not really more than my clean mascaras. It was just different. Then I tried to wash it off, which was a serious challenge. (I did not love that.)

This morning I looked up the ingredients, and although the list was a mile long and they were mostly unpronounceable, they weren’t that bad. Except that there was one ingredient listed for which I never make exceptions: parabens.

Yikes! Moment of weakness = OVER.

Are you ever tempted to cheat on natural beauty?  —Aleigh

(Image via gnosis / john r)

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3 Comments on Do you cheat on natural beauty?

  1. Gaelle said on

    I do sometimes cheat – just because what I’m looking for is harder to find in store natural than non natural. Like for example, I bought a fake tanning lotion, called fake bake….
    For make-up I don’t use all natural always, but I do not use the real bad stuff. I mostly use Josie Maran, BareMinerals and Tarte – these are the only brands you will find in my drawer. In my shower it’s a lot of Jason’s natural, BareMinerals face care, Kiss My Face and things like that…

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  2. Esthetician Los Angeles said on

    I like wearing makeup but sometimes I choose those that are more natural. Though there have been times when I tried cheating natural beauty. I think it was those times that the occasion asked for it. Anyway, you mentioned about scrutinizing ingredients in your cosmetics. Do you have any allergy on some components of makeup that’s why you peruse its contents?

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    • indigo+canary said on

      I don’t have allergies, but I created this blog about natural cosmetics because the industry is poorly regulated, and there are ingredients in most conventional cosmetics that have been linked to cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses. You can read more about my philosophy here:

      Hope this answers your question!


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