8 natural essentials for baby

This week is all about babies! Last Friday, a dear college friend had a bouncing baby boy (squee!), and I’m not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of a new niece, who should make her debut hopefully today. So of course I had to put together a roundup of natural baby essentials…

Zoe Organics Gentle Hair & Body Wash, $14

It’s so important to use gentle products on baby’s delicate skin—and this foamy wash fits the bill, with soothing rosemary and lavender. It’s not a “no tears” formula, though (thank goodness!), so be careful not to get it into baby’s eyes.

Trilogy Everything Balm, $21

This is one that you can share with baby. Trilogy’s aptly-named Everything Balm is great for chapped lips, healing scrapes and wounds, soothing diaper rash and dry skin, and more. You’ll keep coming up with uses for this multi-tasker.

Weleda Calendula Diaper Care, $13.50

Zinc oxide in this diaper rash cream speeds healing, and calendula soothes irritated skin. Weleda grows many of its own ingredients in its own biodynamic gardens and specializes in homeopathic skin remedies.

Spit That Out! by Paige Wolf, $13.95

OK, so you’re not going to actually use this on the baby…but Paige‘s guide to raising children in a natural, eco-friendly way offers lots of great tips and advice. A great go-to resource.




Widu Natural Bristle Baby Brush, $30

If your baby wasn’t born with hair, you might not need this one right away—but someday you’re going to need a soft brush to untangle those baby-fine curls! This one is made with soft boar bristles in sustainable ash wood and uses no toxic chemicals or lacquers.

Sniffles Baby Chest Balm, $14

There are no petroleum-based ingredients in this balm—instead, eucalyptus, cypress, and helichrysum essential oils mix with calming calendula, lavender, and chamomile to soothe and  heal the sniffles.


Vive Sana Solar to Polar Baby, $32

Protect baby’s delicate skin from the sun with this SPF 42 sunscreen. Baby’s skin tends to be drier and more sensitive than grown-up skin; this stuff protects and moisturizes at once.

Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hand Sanitizer, $12

I’ve never met a mom who didn’t carry around hand sanitizer. I avoid the stuff, since I don’t think all germs are bad (and I don’t like the harsh alcohol in most sanitizers)…but this sanitizer from Intelligent Nutrients just might make me change my tune. It won’t leave your hands dried out and scratchy, and it leaves out the icky synthetics I wouldn’t recommend ever putting on kids’ skin.

What are your go-to natural baby products? —Aleigh

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2 Comments on 8 natural essentials for baby

  1. Stella said on

    It is thoughtful and caring of you to find all these healthy baby products. I am always amazed at the amount of toxic ingredients that are added to baby care products. I am also purchasing an organic line of products for an upcoming baby shower.

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    • indigo+canary said on

      Thanks, Stella! If you have other favorites, please share–I know our mama readers would be interested.

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