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I realized this week that while I do a lot of work behind the scenes chatting with natural beauty brands and boutiques about Indigo+Canary’s standards and the process for product reviews (AKA beauty obsessions), I haven’t shared much about the process with readers of this blog. And I think it’s kind of important. Here’s an inside look at how this whole thing works.

I’m on a budget. While I do sometimes have products sent to me for review—and I am always careful to note this—most of the products I review I have purchased myself. (This is the biggest reason why the majority of the products I review are affordable!)

I’m picky. I don’t accept every offer of a product for review. I study ingredients lists before I’ll give out my mailing address: no need to waste a company’s time if their products don’t meet my standards.

I only share the good ones. On average, I test about two or three products for every review I write—not every product I test gets a review. In fact, this week I was all set to review a cleanser that I’d purchased and had been liking…but now that I’m halfway through the bottle, I’ve realized the pump clogs so frequently that I’m about ready to just rinse out the bottle and recycle it. Not worthy of a review after all!

Timing is everything. Sometimes it can take me weeks (or even months) to write a review, because I want to be able to use the product long enough to be absolutely sure that I love it. For this reason, I only review products for which I have large sample sizes, or preferably full-sized products.

So there you have it! Did anything on this list surprise you? Are there any other things you’ve been wondering when it comes to how our product reviews happen? Ask away! —Aleigh

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3 Comments on Let’s talk about: product reviews

  1. Sarah said on

    I like your process! (And most of the things you review). However, I’d find it really helpful to know something like a malfunctioning bottle on an otherwise good cleanser. Sometimes I feel like not enough blogs share things like that, especially if it’s an otherwise good product. Just my two cents. 🙂

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    • indigo+canary said on

      Thanks, Sarah! I’m not sure I want spend the time to put together a review for a product I don’t lovelovelove, but I’ll definitely give your feedback some thought. 🙂 —Aleigh

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  2. Randy Gardberg said on

    Hello Aleigh,

    No doubt about it.You are definitely stringent when it comes to product reviews.Your following can be sure that when you review a product they are going to get the full lowdown.

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