Beauty Obsession: Balancing Facial Serum

Facial oil is one of my absolute favorite natural beauty discoveries. I have combination skin, and I used to (mistakenly) think that meant I should avoid all products that contain oil. Not so.

Here’s the truth. Facial oils are typically pure plant oil blends, and sink deep into your skin. That means you can see the impact quickly. They’re also good for all skin types, even oily or combination skin. (I promise, promise, promise.) Even models say so!

So. I’m a fan of facial oils, and when Mira at Co-op 108 asked if I’d be interested in testing out one of their natural and organic facial serums*, I snuck a peek at the ingredients list and sent her an emphatic, “Yes, please!”

You guys, I’m so glad I did. My skin is absolutely loving this stuff.

What I tried: Balancing Facial Serum from Co-Op 108, $26.60. It’s a lightweight serum that promises to help clear pores, while firming, smoothing, and maintaining a healthy complexion—best for combination and oily skin types.

First impressions: The ingredients list? Love. Hazelnut, grapeseed, jojoba, evening primrose, and carrot seed oils, plus essential oils of cypress, lavender, lemongrass, lemon, and rosemary. That’s it. Plus, it feels pretty amazing as it sinks into my skin.

What caught me by surprise: This is going to sound strange, but hear me out. This serum smells (pleasantly) like Fruit Loops. Enough so, in fact, that when I asked my husband to smell my hands after I applied it the first time, he immediately said the same thing. I assume that’s the lemon and lemongrass in the serum. Honestly? I kind of love that about it.

Bonus: Sometimes when I’m stressed (deadlines aren’t easy on my skin!), I get a patch of psoriasis on my face, just in front of my right ear. The only thing that seems to calm it is a soothing facial oil, and the Co-op 108 serum has been healing it extra fast. (Side note: if you have psoriasis, you should absolutely try a facial oil.)

Do you use facial oils? If not, what’s keeping you from trying them? —Aleigh

*Disclosure: This sample was sent to me for review, but I only write about the products that I think are truly worthy of being shared with you. View my full disclosure here.

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  1. Maya said on

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I love facial oils. I’ve been making and using them for a few years now and was able to significantly improve and heal my skin with these oils. I recently launched a natural skincare line to offer these simple yet powerful and effective alternatives to conventional products on the market. I welcome you to try them and let me know what you think! Thank you and happy new year!

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