3 Free Natural Beauty Smartphone Apps

For the most part, the natural beauty world is pretty low-tech. But I’ve been keeping an eye out for some share-worthy smartphone apps, and today I have three to share! Do you have a go-to smartphone app for natural and organic beauty? —Aleigh

O&N Collective

In addition to a bunch of other features (like an in-app store that’s supposed to launch soon), this brand new app’s Toxins List tool offers a pretty comprehensive list of ingredients to avoid in both personal care products and household products. Overwhelmed by trying to keep track of the icky ingredients you want to stay away from? Just break out your smartphone and check the Toxins List. You’ll find common uses for each ingredient and their related concerns—making it much easier for you to decide on the spot if a product contains ingredients you can live with, or if you should leave it on the shelf. Available for iPhone or Android.

Organic Spa Skin Guide

The app from Organic Spa magazine, this Skin Guide offers a massive list of natural and organic cosmetics companies. It hasn’t been updated for 2012, but it’s still a great way to discover new natural and organic companies and their product lines. You can also mark your favorites for easy reference. This one seems to only be available for iPhone.

Organic Beauty

If you’re a DIYer, snap up this app for tons of skincare recipes, and even a few health remedies, like a headache fix with ginger juice—straight from your smartphone. Recipes are easy to share via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Download for iPhone.

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2 Comments on 3 Free Natural Beauty Smartphone Apps

  1. Rachael said on

    This is awesome! I just downloaded the O&N Collective app. It’s too hard to keep track of what’s what, so this will be incredibly helpful when shopping for myself and my five-month-old!

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    • indigo+canary said on

      So glad to hear that, Rachael! It can definitely be overwhelming trying to remember the names of some of those crazy-sounding synthetic ingredients.


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