4 Tips for a Beautiful (and Healthy) Earth Day

It only comes around once a year, but there’s no reason you can’t celebrate Earth Day all year long—even when it comes to your cosmetics. Here are four things you can do today—and every day—to show some love to Mother Nature.

Choose organic when you can. Organic ingredients are grown by farmers who care about supporting the earth’s health through sustainable agriculture.

Choose your cosmetics carefully. Support companies that have policies that benefit the planet. Here’s a list of six sustainable beauty companies I put together for Breathe magazine.

Recycle. Many natural and organic cosmetics companies use recycled—and recyclable—packaging. Make sure you clean them out and drop them in your recycling bin when you’re finished with them.

Drink lots of water (it’s great for your skin!). But make sure you’re drinking from a re-usable water bottle. Those plastic water bottles are often made with BPA—but even if they’re BPA-free, they’re bad for the environment (and bottled H2O is no better for you than tap water).

Are you celebrating Earth Day? What do you have planned?



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