Link Love Friday: Exclamation Point!

It’s my birthday, you guys, so prepare for lots of exclamation points in today’s post. I love birthdays. I learned a long time ago—after someone I adored died way too young—that it makes absolutely ZERO sense to regret turning a year older. Another year of being alive is something celebrate! I’m going to go off and do just that…but before I go, here are the things I’m reading+enjoying this week. (And, PS: If you have questions about laser hair removal, ask them here, because I’ll be answering them next week.)

Happy Friday, my lovelies! —Aleigh

(Image via Divine Harvester)

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3 Comments on Link Love Friday: Exclamation Point!

  1. Michelle said on

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Enjoy and relish in your special day! xo

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  2. Rachael said on

    Happy birthday! I agree that the scanners are NOT COOL, and I really hate when people tell me, “Oh, you can just opt for the pat-down instead” – as if having a stranger pat me down like a criminal suspect is more awesome than having a stranger see digital images of my naked self. I actually haven’t flown in about two years (I take the train now, which is awesome, but I know it’s not an option for everyone).

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  3. KellyLove said on

    Happy, happy! (and did you notice Birchbox had a Q on the profile area about organic products?) Can’t wait until we can open our boxes and compare/contrast! xoxo

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