Update: There’s Still Lead in Lipstick

Earlier this week, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CFSC) created a new Facebook page called Kiss Lead Goodbye that’s dedicated to generating awareness about one of the cosmetics industries biggest problems—the fact that many (possibly most) lipsticks contain lead. This isn’t a new discovery: in fact, CFSC has done several studies over the past few years that have proven repeatedly that lead in lipstick is an ongoing issue, and one the FDA knows about. (I’ve written about it a few times, like here and here.)

There’s some controversy over whether these products contain lead (a naturally-occurring substance) because it’s been added or because it naturally occurs in the rich pigments commonly used in lipstick. Frankly, I don’t care why it’s there. I just don’t want lead in my cosmetics. Period.

As part of the creation of this new Kiss Lead Goodbye project, CFSC is hosting a video contest, and they’re asking you (yes, you!) to create a video telling the cosmetics industry that it’s time to get rid of lead in lipstick. (Watch the video they created to kick off the project.) There are prizes to be won, so get started on your video soon!

I think this is an awesome idea, and I’m excited to check out the videos as they come in. But the best part just might be all of the attention this project is getting. Jezebel wrote a snarky piece about it. I’ve seen news pieces about it on TV, on news services, on blogs everywhere…it’s just amazing to see this topic, which has been an issue for years, start to enter the mainstream mindset. —Aleigh

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