Link Love Friday: Unscented

Here’s something I’ve started to notice more and more since I transitioned to natural products: I’m a lot more sensitive to synthetic fragrances than I ever was before I switched. I think my body had just gotten used to being surrounded by all of those synthetic chemicals and built up a tolerance, because now that my beauty routine is so much cleaner, I can’t even walk past a smelly store in the mall without getting a headache. For a while I thought maybe I was just imagining my new sensitivity, but it turns out I’m not the only one: Alexandra at No More Dirty Looks had a similar experience. Check out her post about working around synthetic fragrances, and don’t miss the comments.

Here’s what else I’ve been reading+enjoying this week:

What interesting things have you come across this week? Do tell! —Aleigh

(Image by Julie Goodrow)

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