Link Love Friday: Twinkling Lights

This week at Indigo+Canary we’ve been talking about a favorite cosmetics ingredient that you might have in your home right now (the photo is a hint!), toxic cosmetics from past and present, a few favorite pins, and a new regular feature. Here’s what I’ve been reading+enjoying this week:

  • At Healthymagination, my writer-friend Melba Newsome wrote about the science of sports bras, including this little gem that made me cringe: “Following the movement with infrared cameras, scientists discovered breasts move in a complex figure-8 pattern, rather than just up and down.” Is it just me, or does that sound very accurate (and also very painful)?!
  • The Green Beauty Guide shared another uncomfortable revelation, but this one is about parabens and breast cancer.
  • This seems like a step in the right direction: last week the FDA held a public meeting to talk about the safety of cosmetics. It seems the meeting was mostly to talk about contamination issues and not the safety of certain ubiquitous ingredients, but at least there’s a conversation starting to happen. Right?

What are you reading+enjoying this week? —Aleigh

PS: Just about two weeks are left before Christmas! Have you checked out our Holiday Gift Guide? There’s still time for gifting!

(Image via Shandi-lee)

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