11 Most Popular Posts of 2011

Today thought it would be fun to share a look at your favorite posts of 2011—some of these were a surprise, but most of them are my favorites, too.

Hair DIY: Waterfall Braid. Who doesn’t love a great video tutorial?

Link Love Friday: The Bad News Edition. New info about icky things in cosmetics always gets my attention, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

Beauty Obsession: Alima Pure Holiday Collections. So bummed today because I spilled my favorite eyeshadow from this collection (Snowdrift) all over the bathroom floor this morning!

I tried it: DIY cheek stain. I need the use up the little bit of this stuff that’s left…and then make a new batch.

Pro Tip: Apple Cider Vinegar for Shiny Hair. Tried it, loved it, added it to my regular routine.

Beauty Rx: Acne. The routine that works for me.

Beauty Obsession: Una Biologicals. I’ve tried two face masks, the luxe face cream, and three kinds of lip balm (loved them all). Next up? The body butter.

Natural Beauty Rx: Covering the Greys. I bought one of these boxed hair colors, but then I chickened out. I’m just not ready for the upkeep that comes with full color! For now, my stylist is highlighting with a lighter blonde to blend my lovely greys. (The salon uses Davines products.)

Natural Beauty: Chanee of Melongings. She’s gorgeous, talented and sustainably-minded. Enough said.

DIY Roundup: Honey Month. Honey just might be the best everyday ingredient for your skin—and I pulled together a list of several ways to use it.

How I switched to natural, organic beauty. You can do it, too!

Did you have a favorite post this year? Which one? Any requests for 2012? —Aleigh

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