I tried it: The Simple Gibson Tuck

Confession: I am notoriously bad at styling my hair. But when I discovered this tutorial for a simple Gibson tuck, I thought maybe it would be easy enough for me to try.

My hair styling woes are extra frustrating lately because texture of my hair has completely changed over the past few years—through childhood, college and into my professional life it was stick straight; so straight you couldn’t even perm it into curls. (Sadly, yes, my mom tried to perm it—at my request—in the fourth grade. In hindsight I’m glad it didn’t take, but at the time I was devastated.) Now, my hair has a strange waviness to it (perhaps because of the grey?), and sometimes it’s even curly. I don’t mind a little body, but I never really had to do anything to my always-straight hair except brush it, so this new wave in my hair is all kinds of confusing. (Side note: Has this happened to anyone else? I am completely baffled but hope I’m not the only freak with schizophrenic hair.)

So, back to the Gibson tuck. It really is SUPER easy, and the only tools you need are your hands, a few bobby pins, a comb, and a hair elastic. That’s it. I think it would work well for straight, wavy, curly or even frizzy hair, and as long as your hair is long enough to pull into a ponytail, you should be set.

I think it’s equally good for a workday or an evening out, when I might add one of my little feather clips or a bejeweled bobby pin for a little something extra. —Aleigh

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3 Comments on I tried it: The Simple Gibson Tuck

  1. Ashlie said on

    Thanks for demonstrating what looks like a super sophisticated and easy updo! I love pinning cute hairstyles on pinterest! http://pinterest.com/

    My name is Ashlie Sullivan if you want to check out some of the other cute buns and styles I found and pinned to one of my boards!

    I will have to try this one out!

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    • indigo+canary said on

      Hi Ashlie, thanks for stopping by!

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      • Ashlie said on

        no problem! Check out my blog sometime!

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