6 Tips for Winter Skincare

As winter months approach, your delicate skin can get pretty roughed up. Colder temperatures mean less efficient blood circulation, which can leave your face feeling dry and looking dull. Here are some tips for small changes you can make in your every day routine that will leave your skin supple and looking fresh.

Hydrate. Hydration is important year round, but especially so during the wintertime, when the constant temperature changes from the outside chill to the warmth of indoors can dehydrate your skin. Drink lots of water and green tea to stay hydrated from the inside out.

Give some lip service. Don’t forget about your lips—winter weather can quickly make lips feel dry and chapped. Re-apply your favorite gloss or moisturizing lipstick regularly to provide a protective barrier.

Scrub. Exfoliation is great for winter skin—it removes dead, dull skin cells and allows your skin to absorb extra moisture.

Moisturize. According to the web site, moisturizing is an important piece of your skin care routine all year, but in the wintertime, switch to a moisturizer with a rich oil (like avocado or olive oils), for an extra moisture boost. I also like to put on a body oil right before I get out of the shower (after I turn off the water) to lock in the moisture on my skin–especially on places that tend to be dry all the time, like my elbows.

Consider temperature. Hot showers feel great when it’s cold, but they also do a great job at drying out your skin. Try knocking the temperature of your showers or baths down a few notches, and don’t soak or shower for too long. (This is the hardest one for me–I love my hot showers.)

Get handsy. It’s harder to keep hands moisturized; your skin is thinner on your hands than on other parts of your body. Keep hands from getting dried and itchy with regular applications of your favorite lotion.

Do you have any winter skincare tips to share? —Aleigh

(Image via Paulo Dourado)

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3 Comments on 6 Tips for Winter Skincare

  1. KellyLove said on

    After moving from a humid (Charleston) climate to a dry one (Austin), I experienced very dry winter skin for the first time. After the first winter (with hands chapped so badly they hurt, not to mention lips, elbows, FACE) I decided to get proactive. I change my products for winter – shampoo (from volumizing to moisturizing and I shampoo less frequently), face (Philosophy Hope oil-free for summer changed to Hope in a Jar for winter), body (a heavier moisturizer like Eucerin for body or Kiss My Face Organic “Filthy Rich” body lotion) hands, feet & elbows (Burt’s Bees coconut creme, Vaseline or even olive oil…seriously) and I put socks and gloves on over moisturizer at night. My favorite trick is to use large-sized band-aids on dry elbows with a dab of Vaseline underneath and sleep on it.

    Love the info and this post – gave me some new ideas to try (I always forget the lips and they’re just the worst when chapped). Also would love to know what products you like in winter time – always looking for new organics! Do you like the Kiss My Face line? And I’m always iffy about Burt’s Bees, but I haven’t found anything as wonderful as their coconut creme for my feet.

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    • indigo+canary said on

      Of COURSE I have favorites! 🙂

      I’m actually planning for my November faves in the sidebar to the right to be all of the wintery products I’ve switched to. So stay tuned…hopefully there will be a few you’re interested in as well. –Aleigh

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  2. KellyLove said on

    I can’t wait! I’m looking for some good winter products as we’re finally going from 100 degree days to 70-something day and 50-something night (and by November it’s going to be COLD!). Would love to avoid chapped face this year. 🙂

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