3 Ways Coffee Can Energize Your Beauty Routine

When I wrapped up my honey month DIY beauty recipes last month, Kelly and I got into a discussion in the comments about incorporating coffee into your beauty routine. She wanted to know if there are ways to use leftover coffee and coffee grounds as a DIY beauty ingredient, and wondered if it would change the color of her red hair if she did a coffee rinse. I started doing some research, (in the meantime, I discovered National Coffee Day), and now I’m officially back with an answer.

Yes, coffee can change the color of your hair, but probably not if you just do a rinse. The extent to which coffee can change the color of your hair depends on a few factors: the color of your hair to begin with, how well your hair absorbs color (drier or already color-treated hair will probably soak in more pigment), and how long you leave the coffee on your hair.

All this coffee research left me wondering: What are the best ways to use your leftover coffee and grounds as a beauty treatment? Here’s what I found:

Exfoliating coffee facial. There are a number of ways to do this one, but you can add used coffee grounds to your regular facial mask product for an extra boost of caffeine or exfoliation, or even just mix them with a facial binder like raw egg, avocado, olive oil or honey, spread on your face and let dry. (Just make sure the coffee grounds are new–use them within half an hour of brewing your coffee.)

Coffee hair rinse for shiny hair. Brew coffee and let cool. Rinse it through your hair in the shower before you shampoo and condition, style as normal. Unless you have very light-colored or color-damaged hair, this shouldn’t effect the color. However, if you’re interested in darker locks, here’s a link to a DIY coffee hair dye tutorial. If you try it, let me know how well it works!

Coffee body scrub. Coffee isn’t just good for facials! You can actually change up any of those facial recipes above by adding salt (for a little more exfoliation than you would use for the delicate skin on your face). And here’s a coffee, clove and orange salt scrub tutorial that I think I may just have to try.

What do you think? Would you put your coffee leftovers to use in your beauty routine? And while I’m at it, do you have questions about natural beauty that I could help with? Leave me a comment or send me an email. I may just make this Q&A thing a regular feature…

(Photo via Professor Bop)

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4 Comments on 3 Ways Coffee Can Energize Your Beauty Routine

  1. Megan said on

    Again – love your posts 🙂 Will be sharing this with our followers!!! Cheers!

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    • indigo+canary said on

      Thank you, Megan! Made my day. 🙂

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  2. Leanne said on

    I love coffee, this is like my fuel in the morning and most of my working days. I just found out on one of the programs in The Doctors that coffee leftovers can also be used as exfoliant on our buttocks’ skin to lessen the cellulite. Coffee isn’t just energy booster for most of us but can also keep our skin healthy.

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  3. KellyLove said on

    THANK YOU for all of the research on this and I am super excited to try all of them – esp. the body scrub. No more wasted coffee grounds!

    >> Reply

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