Hair DIY: Waterfall braid

Happy Monday! I had to share this great waterfall braid tutorial from Love Maegan with you–it’s been making the rounds on Pinterest for good reason. What a gorgeous braid! I’ve tried it, but I’ll need more practice before mine looks quite this good.

What hair trends have you tried lately?




PS: I have extra Pinterest invites if you’d like to join–just leave a comment and I’ll send you one.

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2 Comments on Hair DIY: Waterfall braid

  1. Heidi King said on

    do you have any cosmetic recommendations for middle schoolers? I’m of the mindset that it’s too young–and yet her friends–and all the tv ads–are promoting makeup to her age group. Is there somethign that would make both of us happy — or a groovy video or makeup line that is “appropriate” for this age? Thanks,

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    • indigo+canary said on

      I would suggest checking out Juice Beauty products — they have a wide range of really well-packaged and well-made products that I think teens would like (in particular, their acne products work well, which is great for teenaged skin): I also really love Alima Pure (which it looks like you just discovered!), and Revolution Organics (, which doesn’t have a huge range of products but they’re all great and really youthful. Another option is Bare Escentuals — their products aren’t quite as pure as I’d like, but they’re a huge improvement over the typical drugstore products that teens go for. And if you have a store nearby, you can go in and get your foundation matched to your skin tone for you, which is always a fun treat (for girls of all ages). :) —Aleigh

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