I tried it: Cruelty-free feather hair extensions

Last week I indulged in a rare treat–cruelty-free feather hair extensions! And before you call PETA, I promise they really are cruelty-free. I asked many, many questions. These feathers were either molted naturally or trimmed from a rooster–not plucked–and no birds were killed to obtain them.

Here’s how it works: a stylist attaches the feather to a small piece of your hair with a little plastic bead that’s lined with silicone to keep from breaking or damaging your locks, using a tool that reminded me of those Topsy Turvy tools that were all the rage in the 90s (anyone else remember those?). Then, he or she flattens the bead with a special pair of pliers to hold fast to your hair and the feathers.

I picked out two of the more natural-looking ones, but you can also get them dyed in some really fun colors. You can wash and style them just like your regular hair (they’ll even curl or take to a flat iron). My stylist (at Escape Hair & Skin Studio in Charlotte) said that they can last for up to three months–but you can have them removed or take them out yourself easily.

I’m already contemplating where I might put a few more feathers. Maybe in with my bangs? Would you get feather hair extensions?

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2 Comments on I tried it: Cruelty-free feather hair extensions

  1. Ria said on

    I’m seriously considering feathers in my bangs. I love this idea but was worried it might be too trendy for the office place. After seeing your ‘natural’ feathers I think it’s the perfect compromise. Fun without being overwhelming. Are most vendors are cruelty free? I’ll have to call ahead to make sure.

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    • indigo+canary said on

      I think if you want to be sure that your feathers are cruelty-free you’ll have to ask–but if they are, I don’t think being concerned about an office environment should keep you from getting a feather or two unless your office is ultra-corporate. Mine are hardly noticeable when my hair is pulled back, and the feathers could be a fun addition for a party or special event!


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