4 Ways to Ease into Fall

The transition to fall has begun (in related news: it was really hard to get up in the dark this morning!), and with it comes cooler weather, a change in schedules and darker evenings. It’s important to make small changes to your beauty routine this time of year, too, so I’ve pulled together some tips to help you ease your way into my favorite season of the year.

  • Get enough shuteye. Sleep is especially important when you’re adjusting to a new school (or work) routine, and first-day jitters can keep you from getting enough (or good enough) sleep. Warm baths (with some bath oil to help you relax), pillows spritzed with lavender (like Amala’s Aroma Apothecary Relax Lavender Concentrate), and making sure it’s as dark as possible when it’s time to go to bed (use a sleep mask if you need one) are all good ways to make sure you’re maximizing those all-important hours of sleep.
  • Realize your skin may change with the seasons. Weather and seasonal changes have a definite impact on your skin. If your skin, like mine, starts to get drier as temperatures drop, begin incorporating an extra moisturizing night cream into your nighttime routine (maybe once or twice a week to start) until you feel your skin needs the extra moisture every night. Likewise, some complexions get oilier when the seasons change–if your skin feels greasier or you have a breakout, try switching the products you use to reflect your changing complexion. (Stepping up on my soapbox for a moment to remind you that this is not the time to skimp on sun protection–it’s important year round.)

  • Consider a detox. If you want to hasten on your skin’s seasonal evolution, detoxifying products are a good option. (This goes for your hair and scalp, too!)  Face masks (I love this one from Pangea Organics), body treatments (like this one from Weleda) and detoxifying shampoos are all great ways to pamper yourself and get the benefits. If you’re really ambitious, try a cleanse to detox from the inside out.
  • Love your multi-taskers! The transition to fall is only the first step toward the busier and busier schedules that lead up to the holidays and the end of the year, which makes streamlining your beauty routine a great idea. (Less time in the bathroom=more time doing other things!) I’m working on a roundup of my favorite multi-tasking products (do you have a favorite you’d like to share?), but you can do this in small ways–use your creamy blush as a lip tint, switch from moisturizer+foundation to an ultra-moisturizing tinted moisturizer and seek out products like Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, that have hundreds of uses.

How do you ease your way into fall?

(Photo via Danielle Tsi)

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