Beauty Q&A with Sarah Gibbs, Trilogy

Sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot founded New Zealand-based Trilogy in 2002, after discovering the benefits of their certified organic rosehip oil. The sisters fell so in love with the rosehip oil that they made it the key ingredient in most of their products. (Sarah calls it “pure plant goodness,” and says that it works for every skin type to balance, nourish and hydrate.)

I interviewed Sarah for the Beautorium blog a few years ago, and I think her responses are just as interesting now as they were then, so here they are.

Q: How did you get into natural skincare? What inspired you to create Trilogy?
Sarah Gibbs: I used to run a manufacturing business…and [Catherine and I] discovered the rosehip oil. We’d always wanted to work together. We wanted to keep it really simple: Products that not only are good for your skin but make you feel great. We still apply those principles strongly.

Q: What Trilogy product are you most proud of?
SG: Vital moisturizer. [It has] significant amounts of [certified organic] rosehip oil. I always recommend vital moisturizer. It also smells amazing.

Q: You mentioned the magical Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, which is the key ingredient in most Trilogy products—what makes it so effective?
SG: When I started manufacturing it, we started using it ourselves. It has fantastic moisturization qualities. Now we’ve scientifically verified its functionality. We have the technology to produce it in this really pure form. It’s a happy little natural product.

Q: Trilogy was the first carbon neutral beauty company in New Zealand. Why was that important to you? How does it support your philosophy?
SG: It does fall into our philosophy [to have a minimum effect on the environment]. I think we’ve been carbon neutral for three, four years now. It was sort of like a no-brainer from Trilogy. Needless to say we’re an international company, so we travel a lot. We need to be mindful of our impact on the environment.

Q: Is there a Trilogy product you can’t get enough of?
SG: There’s one at the moment I’m addicted to, the Firming Serum.

Q: What’s the process of creating new products like for Trilogy?
SG: It’s mainly customer-driven. We get a lot of feedback from customers—directly from customers. The Everything Balm is a good example of that. Our customers would ask, “Is there anything I can use on the whole family? Anything I can talk my husband into trying?” That’s where the Everything Balm came from. Seriously, it’s used from babies on up.

Have you tried Trilogy products? What do you think of them? As Sarah would say, I have a bit of a thing going with the plain old Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, myself.

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